Sexual Bootcamp

Dates: Saturday April 2nd, 2013: 9am to 6pm (with lunch break); Sunday April 3rd, 2013: 10am to 5pm (with lunch break)
Seminar Leaders Linda Nicholls and John Ince
Price $499.00 per Couple

Make your sex life with your

partner the best it can be and savour the fruits of a stronger erotic bond: more pleasure, more passion and more freedom to have fun.

Even though our sexuality plays a key role in our romantic relationships, it rarely gets adequate attention. We tend to sleep-walk through our erotic life. Society offers couples relatively few resources to enliven their erotic connection - which is why there are so few workshops like this. We want to change that -- with you!

Whether you and your partner have been together for decades or just months, this workshop will cast fresh light on your sexuality. While there will be some group process in this workshop, most of the experiences will occur with your partner. Exercises involving dialogue, touch, breath, media and many delightful sensual techniques will stimulate delicious feelings that can bring you closer.

And the homework we assign will be more fun than any take home project you've ever done!

You may be challenged too. We will encourage you to talk frankly with each other about aspects of your relationship that are often left unspoken. It can take courage to open up about your sexuality, to reveal a secret or express a hidden wish. Your relationship can be deepened by taking such risks.

No nudity will occur, but we will view some explicit media.
Maximum 12 couples.

Location: a spectacular seminar area near UBC in Vancouver, BC overlooking the sea and mountains

Cost: $499 + HST, per couple

Dates: Saturday April 2: 9am to 6pm (with lunch break); Sunday April 3: 10am to 5pm (with lunch break) You MUST sign up early!

What to wear:
Comfortable layered clothing
shoes that slip off easily (no shoes are worn in the session room)

What to bring:
a mat to lie down on (such as a yoga mat)
a sheet or cloth that will cover your whole body
water bottle
notebook or journal
an open heart and mind
Optional: snacks and bagged lunch (there are also restaurants nearby)

Comments from past Sexual Boot Camp participants:

"I like the respectful, gentle, clean of judgment tone and environment that was created for participants to experience different exercises and dialogue. The gender circle was awesome" -R

"Thank you for very tight, skilled facilitation and container holding." -N

"I appreciate how you both are so open and shared your experiences too." -T

"Beautiful seminar space." -D