Sexual Confidence

Feeling confident is such an important part of feeling sexy. There are a lot of things that could easily lead to negative feelings about yourself and about sex. You could have been shamed about your body or your skills, you could have experienced something that made you feel embarrassed in

front of a sexual partner. Although it is easy to lose confidence, it can be very difficult to regain it.

Help yourself and your partner reclaim that confidence by doing everything possible to make each other comfortable. Set the mood with sensual lighting, make sure the doors are locked and that you won’t be disturbed.

During an orgasm, or while experiencing pleasure in general, your body might twist in ways that you are not used to and you might be making facial expressions that you are not sure of. Spend half an hour to an hour by yourself imaging and physically mimicking what your body might be doing during an orgasm. Curl your toes, breathe deeply and make as many noises as you normally would. This will help you feel familiar with your body and you won’t be shocked or surprised while experiencing pleasure.

Compliment your partner and expect the same in return. This might seem like an obvious one but there is no better confidence booster than hearing how sexy and desirable you are.

Be present. If you’re not in the moment and mindful of what is going on with your partner’s body, they might feel abandoned. Close your eyes and let your hands explore and feel the curves, bumps, warmth and textures and let your partner do the same to you.