Sexy Feast

Re-ignite the sensuality in your relationship with a sexy, sensual meal for two. Before your honey's arrival, set out plates of finger food, such as succulent fruit and chocolate truffles. Provide a variety of drinks like spicy chai, your favourite wine, and sparkling juice.

Set the mood by arranging your space to satisfy and stimulate your senses, taking care not to overload. An optimal lusty atmosphere can be achieved in a clean and tidy space, free of clutter. Remove that distracting paperwork, and create a soft, welcoming space with pillows, blankets and even some silk scarves. Once you’ve tidied up, dim the lights and position lit candles around the room. You may choose to heat an essential oil with aphrodisiac qualities, like Ylang Ylang, in a diffuser.

Take time to prepare a bowl of warm lemon water, with a cloth, for gently cleaning each others’ hands and lips. Now that the scene is set, settle in for an evening of worshipping each others’ bodies and feeding each other the delicious tidbits by hand and body. Delicious!