Slip and Slide Sex

I think we all know that great sex is often messy. This tip is for those of you who love slip and slides, waterslides and…sex. It’s going to be the most fun you could have indoors. If you have some

painter’s plastic stored away, you can use that or pick up a plastic bedding sheet from us. They can be washed afterwards in cold and just hung up to dry for next playtime.

Crank up the heat in the room - your whole body is about to get soaking wet. Place the sheet on your mattress or plush rug and maybe put a rolled up sheet around the edges to catch any runoff. Secure it with a few heavy plants or furniture if it’s not a fitted plastic sheet.

Get out your bottle of Nuru Massage Gel: an aloe based, clear, lubricating goop. We have two sizes and a little goes a very long way. Don’t dump the whole bottle on the sheet unless you’re hosting a slip and slide party of 12.

Get naked. Take turns slowly gliding over each other like snakes in a bucket, using your body as a massage tool. It's a liberating and playful activity you'll want to try again.