Spring Clean your Sex Life!

It’s that time again folks! The sun is out, projects are on the go, new hobbies are picked up and (drum roll please…) the ever-taunting Spring Cleaning is in full gear! While you’re at it, why not consider spring cleaning your sex life? Think about it; we’ve all got baggage,

we’ve all been too giving or too selfish in bed, and we’ve all picked up some lazy habits. Take advantage of this chipper season to un-soil your sex life and bring the sass back where it belongs! Here to help are some handy tips:

1) Stop thinking about what you look like! Very few people look amazing when they’re asleep, and even fewer look amazing when they’re reaching climax. Your body has a natural rhythm and it is important to follow it. Otherwise both you and your partner could lose track of the moment and unfortunately, lose your orgasm. I think this is especially true for new sex partners, which can be a dangerous way to start a new relationship.

2) Energize! When you’re with someone for a while, you’ll get to know how to make them cum sooner rather than later. It’s all too easy to pass on the foreplay, or use your hand instead of your mouth, or even just lying there like a blow up doll. If this is how we act, this is how our partner will act. Once the effort is made to spice up the sexiness, you’ll both feel amazing, enthused, and refreshed! Try getting some ideas from a book, like Life’s Too Short for Tantric Sex. You’ll get plenty of amazing and energizing ideas for some fun that won’t take hours out of your busy schedule!

3) Feeling Guilty? Don’t! Unfortunately we are still surrounded by negative affiliations of sex. You know you love it; you want to explore it, so why feel bad about it? Turn the negative into a positive! I know, I know… Easier said than done, right? Whenever you get a bad vibe off someone or some piece of media regarding sex, instead of letting it wither itself into your head, try thinking of it as a reminder of exactly who and what you do not want to be. You are a powerful being and can overcome outside un-constructiveness when it comes to your sex life!

4) Have fun! Sex is fun. Yes, it can come with baggage, problems, miscommunications and responsibilities. The #1 thing you can do for yourself for this year’s sexy spring cleaning is to let go, let loose, and have an amazing time!