Summer Heat

Craving some sweet affection in the summer heat? Try dusting your sheets and bodies with Kama Sutras Honey Dust for a sweet body rub. Its silky, sweet powder will absorb any extra moisture you have from

the heat, and leave you with a silky (not sticky!) feeling, not to mention the light scent of honey. Here are some extra tips to set the mood:

1. Set the scene: Light some candles and some incense. Have your supplies, such as oil, honey dust, lube, and any toys you may wish to incorporate close at hand. Lay out a towel on the bed, have plenty of pillows handy and wash those hands!!

2. Bathing: A pre-massage bath or shower is a perfect way to get into the mood. Wash your lover and see how they melt into your willing hands!

3. Use those hands! Use your entire hand, palm and fingers to add stimulation. You’re partner will let you know what feels good, or you’ll be able to tell from the moans and groans…

4. Variation: Vary speed, tempo and placement of the hands. Squeeze, stroke, prod, push, press, pet, caress and any other adjective you can think of! Experiment in order to find out what feels good!

6. Think of your Body too! Find comfortable positions for you to stay in while massaging your partner. Take care of your back, legs and arms by not straining yourself.