Try Something New!

Some people say that sex and relationships come naturally to us and that
things just flow as expected into a wonderful sea of sexy shenanigans. Well,
those people are wrong. Sex is a skill and there is so much out there to learn
and explore! For the New Year, I

urge you all to try something you’ve never
tried before in the sack. You might feel weird about it at first; you might not
even like it. If that’s the case – try it again! Using a new tool in the bedroom is
like trying out a new food. You mightn’t like it at first, but then it grows on you
and before you know it you might’ve found a new best friend. Here are a few
examples to get you started:

Roleplay: This can be a really intimate way to explore situations you never thought you would experience. Plus, you get to do it all with someone you trust.

Board Games: Sexy ones, of course! If you’re not sure where to start, a game can be a great way to start off and who knows, you might end up discovering something you didn’t even knew you enjoyed!

Read Erotica Out Loud: Whether to yourself or to someone else, erotica can really get your wheels turning!

Test out a new position, before you plan on using it: It can be frustrating to try and imitate a sex position based on a photo. Take a few fully-clothed minutes and try getting into position with your partner. Although this is purely logistical, you’ll feel ready and confident to switch things around like a pro!