Turn Off, Turn On

Most of us know what turns us on but not why it turns us on. We may know the body types we find attractive or that we like to have sex in hotels or with leather pants and spiked heels or with a fantasy going on in our minds eye but we

may not understand the reasons for these preferences.
Join us this evening and shed some light on your understanding of the mysterious nature of arousal and the secret logic of sexual fantasies. This logic helps us accept the deeper levels of our own psyches and helps us to be less critical of our own or our partner’s choices in the sexual realm. This evening is for anybody who is curious about their sexuality choices or that of others. Concepts are based on a book by Dr. Michael J Bader and his Book called “Arousal”. The evening includes some exercises and you can choose to participate in the group exercises or simply observe. This seminar is open to everyone who can arrive with an open mind!

Date: 24 June 2013 @ 7:30pm
Price: $15.00