Use your toys!

There’s no use in hiding it, guys. It’s sunny, and everybody’s horny! This is my favourite time of year to be working in a sex shop. Everyone is happy, smiling, and hot off their rockets! This month, I really want to promote the use of sex toys. Whether you’re single, in

a serious relationship, in multiple relationships and anything in between, sex toys can add a little (or a lot) something extra.

Now, I’m not just talking to the ladies out there… There is something out there for everyone and every kind of pleasure. Here are some of our best-selling toys for various sexy scenarios:

G-Spot Stimulation: Crystal Wand: great curve, hygienic material and not too big and scary. Hip-G: Very bulbous curve, great for lots of pressure. Gigi: A high-end, silicone, rechargeable vibrating toy. Very multi-functional head for both clitoral and g-spot stimulation. 

Clitoral Stimulation and general use: Jimmy Jane Form 3: flexible tongue-long shape, rechargeable and waterproof. Laya Spot: Ergonomic, fitted shape for female body and easy to hold. 

Self-Pleasuring Man: Original Fleshlight (pussy or butt): Fleshy, realistic masturbation sleeve that looks like a flash light for stealth. Cobra Libre: Vibrating stimulator for the head. 

Prostate Stimulation: The Duke: Vibrating prostate and perineum stimulation, waterproof and rechargeable. Aneros Helix: A small yet aggressive prostate massager. 

Couple Play: The We-Vibe II: A small, silicone toy that fits snuggly into a woman’s body during intercourse for added sensation for both partners. Jelly Holster and Bullet combo: A small vibrator that slides into a jelly cock ring. Bendover Beginner: Curious about trying out a strap-on toy? This is a great way to start as the harness is comfy and you get 2 great quality silicone dils to go with it.