Valentine's Day

Ah Valentine’s Day! We all have a different opinion about this day, but it must be said that at one point of another in our lives, it’s given us all the warm fuzzies.

Everybody deals with this luvey duvey, heart-filled day differently: Men, women, young couples, married couples, attached groups, singles. Whether you’re planning to propose, trying to get some action, running into the nearest drug store at the last minute to buy some chocolates, or sitting on the sidewalk throwing small rocks at happy couples, the trick is not to stress. We see a lot of arguments over details and logistics and Why don’t you know I don’t like caramels.

This Valentine’s day, take some time to appreciate both yourself and your partner. Stay in this year and prepare a romantic meal, light some candles, and try something new! There’s no better way to rekindle a weak flame or spark up a new one than to have a creative evening exploring each other’s sensuality in a relaxed environment that you’re already comfortable with: your home! Just add a little something extra to make yourself and your lover feel good. You could leave a trail of Scented Silky Rose Petals leading to a drawn bubble bath with a few Floating Sexy Ideas. Have a delicate Ostrich Feather Tickler ready by the bedside. Buy yourself that toy you’ve been eyeing. Be original in how you show your love and you’ll create unique memories for yourselves!

After all, February 14th is a day to celebrate love and affection between intimate companions.