Wedding Lingerie Photos

Surprise your husband with a sexy gift! The Art of Loving and photographic artist Horst Siegler are offering new brides and married women a hot new way to celebrate the sensuality of marriage.

You can take this unique opportunity to have some more fun in your cherished wedding dress by wearing it in a photo shoot with Horst Siegler, a professional photographer who specializes in sensual and erotic photography. His portraits are artistically beautiful, with erotic nuances and dramatic sensuality.

Horst Siegler’s Work

Siegler has been a commercial photographer for over 20 years. His love and respect for the female form allow him to capture the sensual beauty of any woman, producing photographs that are often very erotic while remaining classy and tasteful.

The Art of Loving has been supporting Siegler’s work for over 3 years. His artwork is regularly on display and for sale at the store, and he is also an instructor in the popular Art of Loving seminar series, sharing his photographic expertise in an erotic photography class.

The Details

Wedding dress photos can be done in a commercial studio for a fee of $400 or at your home for $500. After the shoot, you get on a disk low res copies of the shots  to make your selection. You choose which image you want to be the main image (8x12 or 12x18) and up to four little images (as seen in the samples below). You also customize the text that will be printed on the final piece.

Booking a Shoot

Photo shoots are booked through The Art of Loving. Contact us at 604-742-9988 or