What is the Kegal or PC muscles for men and women?

Both men and women have a PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, which is responsible for the health of the pelvic floor. Think of it as a figure 8 around the anus and back up and around the gentiles.

How to find the PC muscles

The next time you go to the washroom to urinate and begin urinating, try to stop the flow midway. Stopping your urine midstream can help you figure out when you're using your PC muscle. Try stopping your urination three times just to ensure that you understand where the muscle is located.

An internal method is to insert your finger in your rectum or vagina and try contracting your PC muscle. Your finger will feel your anus or vagina contracting against it. While you are exercising keep your other muscles relaxed. Your thighs, back and abdomen should not be moving or contracting. For men when you have an erection, can you squeeze your PC muscle and make your penis jump substantially.

What are the benefits of strong Kegal muscles?

The strength of these muscles are an important role in sexual arousal and climax, as well as in other aspects of bodily functioning. Kegel exercises increase the blood flow to the pelvic area, and also support sexual arousal mechanisms. Kegel exercises prevent incontinence and other problems that are often associated with aging.

Rewards for Men

With toned muscles, men can gain greater control over the timing of their ejaculations.

Rewards for Women

For women these exercises strengthen and tone the muscles of the vaginal canal, allowing them to control the contractions in the vagina during orgasm to intensify the orgasm. It can also aid in orgasming quickly or multiple times.

Ask for a Hug

When vaginally penetrating your partner, enter her in a comfortable position and do no retract your penis. Stay inside, use your breath and squeeze and release your PC muscle while you are inside of her. She may feel like you're stimulating her G-spot or feel a new sensation depending on the position. Now for the women, don’t forget to use your breath relax and give his penis a hug while he is inside of you. Do your exercises with your partner as resistance and this will be more pleasurable for you to grip his penis as well as he will feel like you are giving his penis a hug. Sound like fun?


This is the great part – you can design your own work out and how long you want to do work out for. Keep in mind that no one really goes to the gym to work out for 30 seconds, showers and than leaves. You want to make your work out make a difference to you and feel improvement so you can start loving the benefits.

You can start by holding your muscles contracted for 5 seconds, release for 2 seconds and repeat 10 times and repeat the set 10 times.

You can choose the times and durations, you may want to do 5 contractions in a row and than 2 second rest 100 times

You can also add these contractions to your Pilates class or while you are walking around the seawall or grocery store. Because you don’t break a sweat you can do them anytime any where you like
– just keep doing them.

How often should you exercise your pc muscles?

Set a goal that is obtainable for you that you can stick to… 5 to 10 minutes a day, three to five times a week is a great place to start. For great results 1 to 2 hours per week.