Discovering Daddy Kink -April 22nd

Article number: 2490076

What’s the Deal with Daddies?

Let’s talk about Daddy kink! There’s so much talk about daddies in the media these days, but what does “daddy” mean?

Join us to discuss the ins and outs of daddies, whether you’re looking for a daddy or aspire to become one, and we’ll address such questions as: “Can you be a daddy if you’re not a man?” (yes!) “Is it about punishment and discipline?” (sometimes!) and “Is it or is it not about incest?” (for the most part it isn’t!)

In this workshop we’ll explore this popular relationship dynamic and how it can be explored both in and out of the bedroom, as well as discuss ways folks can discover what Daddy means to them.

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:35pm sharp!

*We require a minimum of 6 guests to proceed with this seminar. If we do not reach that attendance level your payment will be refunded & you will be notified of the seminars cancellation.

Seminar Leader:

Dusty Rhodes is a sex educator, kink professional, pole dancer, and certified good boy. He’s been working in the sex industry for the past 7 years, and has over a decade of experience as a toy collector and BDSM life-styler. Passionate about sexual pleasure, personal agency, communication and discovery, he’s dedicated to helping folks explore their sexualities in a genuine way and find out more about what gets them excited.