Breast Lymphatic Massage: LIVE DEMO - Jun 7th

Intro to Breast Lymphatic Massage, G-System Activation & Total Body Wellness for Women
The primary purpose of this seminar is to show women how to reduce their risk for developing breast cancer by doing a number simple exercises that can easily be done in the shower every day.
Statistically, one out of every eight North American women will be expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer at least once in their lifetimes and one out of every thirty six (3%) will be expected to die from the disease. There are presently about 3 million breast cancer survivors in the entire continent.
Modern medicine is mostly concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of disease and it tends to say little about prevention. Results from research conducted in Europe have indicated that women that are more active and who receive regular therapeutic massage treatments can significantly reduce their risks of developing breast cancer and other diseases. The problem is that because of time, costs, culture or other limitations, few women go to see professionals for proper preventative massage. The solution is for women to learn a few simple exercises that they can do at home, that will significantly improve their overall wellness and reduce their risk of experiencing future breast diseases. Dr. Paul D. Tinari is the former Director of Education at the West Coast College for Massage Therapy. Using his many years of experience in researching the detailed micro-fluid mechanics of lymph flow throughout the body and in therapeutic lymph massage, he developed a series of simple, easy to learn, exercises that any woman can do for herself in the privacy of her own shower or bedroom. Clinical research has demonstrated that regular lymph massage will significantly reduce of woman’s risk of developing a number of breast disorders.
The Art of Loving
Price: $10.00

Dr. Paul D. Tinari Ph.D. studied advanced massage technique for four years while he was living in Brussels, Belgium. He was also the Director of Education at the West Coast College for Massage Therapy. During his Ph.D. work, he studied capillary flows and bio-fluid mechanics, examining the flows of fluids such as lymph throughout the human body. He was specifically trained in Therapeutic Lymphatic Massage (TLM) and Deep Transverse Therapy (DTT), used to break down the calcification associated with many chronic soft-tissue injuries. He has successfully helped many women suffering from encapsulation syndrome (a hardening of the tissues surrounding an implant). He lectures widely around the world on alternate medicine and wellness topics.