The Circle of Truth: Opening to Your True Sexual Authenticity


Do you feel disconnected from your body, your pleasure, your sexuality or your core life force?
Sexuality is not a one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, everyone has common aspects of our sexual nature that require exploration, understanding and expression.
You are invited to step into your sexual empowerment, to make the choices that are in alignment with your body’s deep wisdom and essential calling.
Together, we will hold a safe, trusting and divine circle of women, to explore fear, pain, pleasure, sadness, joy, connection and desire. In this space, we will create opportunity to tap into our instincts and open ourselves up to learning and growth. We will explore how the history of human sexuality impacts the relationship with ourselves and others and how to free yourself from cultural programming to experience great pleasure.
This workshop will include meditation, visualization, open discussion, journaling and ceremony.
Please bring one object to represent a part of your sexual story that you want to release and move beyond and one object to represent a part of your sexual story you want to keep, nurture and expand.

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, journal and pen.

The Art of Loving
Price: $35.00

Corinne Underwood is a visionary, pleasure seeker and founder of Choices for Sexual Health.  Her desire to change the world, sexually speaking, started at age 12.  Since she grew up in an era that did not openly embrace sexuality and was provided with limited sex education, she was desperate to learn as much she could to formulate her own decisions.  She spent endless hours listening to a sex radio show when her parents thought she was sleeping.  She investigated, questioned and remained curious and open to every word and every concept, no matter how great.   As her body grew and changed, she also learned to navigate through her own personal needs and desires and to appreciate and honour the unique sexuality of herself and others.  Her approach to sexuality is not "one size fits all".  Rather, it is one that is constantly adapting, like the very nature of sexuality itself.

As a graduate of the Options for Sexual Health (OPT) - Sexual Health Educator Certification program and of Erickson International School of Coaching, she is a professionally trained Sexual Health Educator and Certified Empowerment Coach who brings expertise, skills, enthusiasm and dynamic and engaging communication skills to inspire and empower others.

She is a business executive, a mother, a wife and a transformational leader who is committed to breaking down barriers to sexual education, inclusion, communication, honesty, acceptance, authenticity and pleasure.  She is dedicated to changing the world one conversation at time.

Date start: 
Wednesday, June 12, 2019 - 19:30 to 21:30