Creative Kissing - Jun 15th

Take kissing to the next level. Enjoy two hours of playful intimacy with your partner. Reacquaint yourself with the fun of necking. Tongue play hasn't been this hot since your teens! Let us take control and guide your make-out session - this can be novel, and very sexy foreplay for an unforgettable date night. 
Please bring cushions and blanket to lay on!
This class is open to couples of all genders and orientations.
Price: $49.00 per couple
The Art of Loving
Price: $49.00

Vera Zyla is a sex educator, co-owner of The Art of Loving and has a degree in Acupuncture and as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner(TCMP). She has been leading adult education seminars and events for over twelve years at The Art of Loving, conferences, trade shows and private gatherings. Seen regularly in the media and interviewed for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines she is motivated by passion, education and fun. She blends a holistic playful approach while helping people learn more aboout sex, sex toys and relationships.   She empowers and transforms with a pleasure positive message.

Praise for the Kissing Class:
"It brought us closer than we’ve been in years.”
“After the class we went home and made the sweetest love.”
As seen on National Television!
In Feburary 2004 Vera appeared on CBC's ZED-TV and did a demo of a Kissing Class. In March 2004 the Women's Channel tv network aired a documentary on the eroticism of lips and featured the Kissing Class, describing it as: "where couples rediscover how much fun two sets of lips can actually have." In Nov 2008 the CBC featured the Kissing Class in its Living Vancouver show.