Expanded Orgasmic Meditation: LIVE DEMO

A practice called Orgasmic Meditation has spread via the internet since 2011 since Nicole Daedone's Tedtalk. 
This method is deeply rooted in ancient practices and more recently in the sixties where it was researched in the longest running intentional community of Lafayette\Morehouse in Oakland California. During this LIVE DEMO on a female model, we will introduce to you the key principles of this practice.
Both men and women will be introduced to a new way to look at their sexuality. You will learn how to re-sensitize, rewire the nervous system by slowing down, paying exquisite attention, focusing on how to follow the buildup of energy, how to navigate arousal skillfully and how to create a deeper more satisfying connection to our own bodies and to our partners'. Open to everyone. Please arrive on time 7:30pm as the doors will be locked and late arrivals will not be admitted.
The Art of Loving
Price: $50.00
Julia Kovacs ( www.juliakovacs.com) is an intimacy coach, facilitates Soulsexy women's groups, counsels private clients, has an online educational program and runs a popular educational forum on Facebook called Come to your senses. 
She is an advocate for spreading education and inspiration to understand and connect to our bodies' higher intelligence.