How to Get the Play You Crave!- April 15th


Nobody gets off on dissatisfaction. Negotiation is a key part of crafting play that will truly satisfy you. This workshop will help you make your experiences electric!

 During this class, we will explore:

- Finding “the juice” between partners

- How to identify our boundaries

- Harm reduction techniques for play

You deserve all of the playfulness you can imagine and is more easily accessible than you might think.

The Art of Loving
Price: $20.00

Koe Creation has one of the most unique life stories you've ever heard, guaranteed. Growing up in a sex-positive, polyamorous family and subsequent communities in Seattle, Washington, Koe learned transparent, non-violent communication, age appropriate discourse, and sex-positive empowerment at a young age. After actively teaching sex education and relationship skills among top educators in the USA since Koe was a teenager, they now have a decade's worth of expertise at being a "professional pervert" Koe is a frequent cohost of the Polyamory Weekly podcast and presents at conferences all over the United States.

Date start: 
Monday, April 15, 2019 - 19:30 to 21:30