Inner Wisdom, Inner Fire -May 16th


Monthly cycles have an emotional, physiological and sexual landscape whether we are trying to conceive in that month or not. Just like the moon waxes and wanes, so do our hormones, our moods, our energy levels and so much more.


This is an introductory workshop to help you understand the 4 seasons that influence your cycle, and learn to flow with, instead of against them. By tuning into these seasonal energies when they emerge we can align more deeply with our own cyclic nature. When we recognize and encourage the emergence of each season each day, each month, and throughout our lives, we get to celebrate these aspects of ourselves, instead of fearing, ignoring or denying them.


The menstrual seasons are fluid, personal and open to interpretation.  But their characteristics, appearances, stories, strengths and weaknesses and the types of energy that they hold will often strongly relate to how you’ll be feeling, the direction you are likely to push your life in, and the sensitivities you’ll be feeling during a particular phase of your moon/menstrual cycle.

Understanding your cyclical body is life changing, deeply empowering & healing on many levels.



This workshop is for those in your menstruating years, whether you are menstruating or ovulating and/or have physical womb and includes meditation and visualization, theory, open discussions, journaling & dyads.


We will come together in circle format and will maintain a solid container of safety and respect.


Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a blanket, journal and pen.

The Art of Loving
Price: $30.00

Corinne Underwood is a visionary, pleasure seeker and founder of Choices for Sexual Health.  Her desire to change the world, sexually speaking, started at age 12.  Since she grew up in an era that did not openly embrace sexuality and was provided with limited sex education, she was desperate to learn as much she could to formulate her own decisions.  She spent endless hours listening to a sex radio show when her parents thought she was sleeping.  She investigated, questioned and remained curious and open to every word and every concept, no matter how great.   As her body grew and changed, she also learned to navigate through her own personal needs and desires and to appreciate and honour the unique sexuality of herself and others.  Her approach to sexuality is not "one size fits all".  Rather, it is one that is constantly adapting, like the very nature of sexuality itself.

As a graduate of the Options for Sexual Health (OPT) - Sexual Health Educator Certification program and of Erickson International School of Coaching, she is a professionally trained Sexual Health Educator and Certified Empowerment Coach who brings expertise, skills, enthusiasm and dynamic and engaging communication skills to inspire and empower others.

She is a business executive, a mother, a wife and a transformational leader who is committed to breaking down barriers to sexual education, inclusion, communication, honesty, acceptance, authenticity and pleasure.  She is dedicated to changing the world one conversation at time.

Date start: 
Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 19:30 to 21:00