Sex Goddess Project Book 2 Pre-Launch


The Sex Goddess Project is the first ever Canadian photography project depicting women and transpersons of all shapes and sizes and colours and ages celebrating their sexuality authentically without shame and apology. 

Ricardo Scipio is a photographer of colour from Trinidad who has been photographing women and transpersons of colour since 1990, including 14 gallery shows and seven books.

This event will be Celebration of Women and Transpersons of colour expressing their sexuality in powerful and profound ways. And will be the first time ever that the project has done an event exclusively honouring women and transpersons of colour.

Accompanying the showing of 100 photographs will be readings from articles written by some of the women depicted in the project about their experiences of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reclaiming of their sexuality through the process of being photographed. There will also be some readings by the photographer, Ricardo Scipio about his forty-plus year journey that lead him to the creation of the work and his battles against sex-negativity- followed by a question and answer session with the audience.  

 Please do purchase your tickets as early as possible as seating is very limited


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Goddess Project Here


The Art of Loving
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Trinidad-born Ricardo Scipio has thus far garnered the reputation for making unique, multi-layered, provocative work in film and photography. His first feature film "When" was an irrepressibly brutal and comedic portrayal of dysfunctional struggling actresses in New York. His second feature film "Watershed" was the first independent feature film in North America to be shot in digital high-definition, breaking ground with its technical and narrative accomplishments. His third feature film "Finder of Lost Children," set in the Caribbean community of Canada, is a poignantly moving and humorous story of two half-sisters that meet for the first time at the funeral of the father neither one of them knew.


Ricardo grew up in Toronto and attended both The Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and The University of Waterloo. He started his art career as a fashion photographer and then later as a fine art nude photographer. He has had 14 gallery shows of his work and his first book of photographs- a collaboration with noted Canadian poet George Elliott Clarke, was published in November of 2005. His second book "The Goddess Project" was completed in 2010. A book of nudes of Black women entitled "Uzuri" was finalized in 2011. Never idle for long, Scipio has completed photographing his fourth book "The Goddess Project Book Two" in 2012. His fifth book "The Goddess Project Book Three" was finished in 2015 and he recently completed his sixth book "The Sex Goddess Project." When not on tour, Scipio makes his home in Vancouver BC.

Date start: 
Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 19:30 to 21:30