Sexplicit Conversations



Talking explicitly about sex with our partner, or anyone for that matter is hard for many of us. Developing the skills to express our sexual truths can lead us to a more sexually expressed, vibrant, pleasure-connected life and a juicer intimate connection with our partner.

Join us for a playful, interactive evening where you’ll explore your own sexual truths, preferences & desires and practice the skills that will empower you to talk more freely about them.  Couples and singles welcome. This is a clothes-on seminar with nonudity or sexual touch.  

Shared -

Trevor Warren -

Jenna Card -  

The Art of Loving
Price: $30.00

Jenna Card and Trevor Warren, an inspiring model of intimate partnership, thrive in helping others to cultivate stable, deeply passionate relationships, complementary with their full sexual expression. Trevor, MA, RCC, is a seasoned Couples and Sexual Intimacy Therapist, Workshop Facilitator and Public Speaker.  Jenna, Certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer, is a soulful Facilitator and Coach. Together, they blend their professional skills with a shared journey of tantra, BDSM, and sexual shamanism.  Through private couples work, transformative workshops, and retreats, Jenna and Trevor teach the connection and intimacy skills necessary for cultivating deep partnership and sexual intimacy.


Date start: 
Wednesday, April 3, 2019 - 19:30