Do you HATE condoms? Have they ruined a saucy moment (or ten) by getting caught, not unrolling properly, or exploding? Are you upset because rational you understands their giant importance while less-rational you wants to flush every condom ever down to toilet hell? FEAR NOT! A new kind of condom is in the works and it is preeeeetty cool. Condoms have remained crappy since their invention in the 15th century. A company called Origami Condoms is totally reinventing them and it is totally about time. They are made with silicone, so even safer than the current common latex condom. They are not rolled, so there’s that problem solved. And, apparently, they feel better.
These condoms are still in the works, passing all the rigorous condom tests, etc. They have made a male condom, a female condom, and a receptive anal intercourse condom.
There are a bunch more reasons why they are awesome so let’s all show them our support, shall we?