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We ordered too many of these & want to pass on our mistake to you. This is one of the BEST couple toys out there. Perfectly designed for both male and female pleasure. Regularly $150

Maximize your peak performance in the bedroom. Packed with time-tested aphrodisiacs into 2 pills.

Sometimes it’s hotter in bed when it’s cool. Tingling and cool to the touch during sex. Condom safe & toy friendly too.

A great new idea from the experts in male masturbation -Tenga. The outer spring coil twists with each stroke for explosive results.

We want more women to enjoy this waterproof wonder, so we put it on sale. Conveniently sized to fit in hand and cover the vulva for waves of pleasure.

While quantities last we are offering this powerful toy at a 50% discount. This Angel is actually quite naughty in bed… use either end for pleasure & with a simple on/off feature it is ready at the drop of a dime. Perfectly discreet toy for travelling.

This elegantly designed tool is popular among the kinkiest communities for good reason… its presence is synonymous with “the best sex you can have” Whether you’re alone in bed, with a partner or group everyone wants a spin. No warranty needed on this baby…. It is yours for life!

By that we mean… she will provide the most explosive vibrations to the G-spot, while also massaging the clitoris until you reach that “toe curling” orgasm. So many vibration speed/rhythms to choose from it can feel like a new toy each time you use her. Oh, and fellas… this toy is for you too! The rabbit is perfect for perineum massage during anal play.

This brand-new design by Aneros, masters at hitting the male G-spot, is a toy that should be on every mans radar. Specially balanced to work in harmony with a user’s contractions for hands free enjoyment.  It’s a Syn if you didn’t get to experience this toy.

Get your hands on this very unique toy. One of the few toys that spins to stimulate. It also comes with different head attachments so you can explore which ones work for you. Can spin in 8 different patterns from diverse to very consistent. Combining a very light vibration and a strong rotation this toy hopes to make up for where other toys may have fell short. Get yours for 70.00 instead of 100 while quantities last.