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An under appreciated g-spot for men, but no longer. Learn everything you need to know about hitting it. Did we mention the LIVE DEMO?

There is that saying “even a bad blowjob is better than NO blowjob” But, if you want to give him the BEST head of his life there are some tried and true techniques you should have in your repertoire. In our 15 years providing this seminar we have sent many newly trained fellatio experts out into the world. Yes, this seminar has a live demonstration before your eyes

Koe Creation will be making a quick stop in Vancouver this month, and we managed to book her for April 15th. This self described “professional pervert” has a new book coming out and has decided to make a one time only seminar to go with it. Koe Creation has one of the most unique life stories you've ever heard, guaranteed. Growing up in a sex-positive, polyamorous family and subsequent communities in Seattle, Washington, Koe learned transparent, non-violent communication, age appropriate discourse, and sex-positive empowerment at a young age. You deserve all of the playfulness you can imagine and is more easily accessible than you might think. Learn all about it in this fun seminar.

Our social norm is to be with a single partner, “coupled”, “committed” or married. But, what if these don’t apply to you? If you don’t want to conform to societal norms, but feel guilty about it our seminar leader Robin Beatch will help. There are alternatives to monogamy that still include trust, love and communication.  Robin will help you explore ways to navigate through relationships we don’t hear about unless it’s negative. Bring your partners to our two-hour seminar and get some insight from a sex positive relationship coach.

Still need something fun yet sexy to do on Valentines day ? Look no further than our kissing class! This class can be fun and silly or sexy and romantic however you and your partner want to make it. You will learn fun new kissing methods and explore them with your partner. Make out like you never have before and enjoy an extra special date night with Creative Kissing. Be sure to bring blankets and pillows to lay on. This class is open to all genders and sexual orientations long as you have a partner to kiss you are all set.



The Sex Goddess Project is the first ever Canadian photography project depicting women and transpersons of all shapes and sizes and colours and ages celebrating their sexuality authentically without shame and apology. The Second Book of The Sex Goddess Project is an edgier view of the joy of intimate connection, challenging unrealistic beliefs about what sex looks like, and providing a sense of awe, joy and connection for the viewer.


 This event will be the the first time the project will be seen. Accompanying the showing of 100 photographs will be readings from articles written by some of the women depicted in the project about their experiences of self-discovery, self-acceptance and reclaiming of their sexuality through the process of being photographed. There will also be some readings by the photographer, Ricardo Scipio about his forty-plus year journey that lead him to the creation of the work and his battles against sex-negativity- followed by a question and answer session with the audience.  


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In addition to and separate from our Event on the 24th, there will be a special celebration of Women and Transpersons of Colour: on the 23rd. This event will showcase photographs of Women and Transpersons of Colour from the past three books. This will be the first time Ricardo has presented a showcase exclusively of People of Colour of Colour.


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 Please do purchase your tickets as early as possible as seating is very limited for both events. 


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Goddess Project Here








Have you wanted to get your hands on a strap on but are hesitant because of your lack of knowledge ? Come to Red Robins class on everything to do with strap ons. Be it pegging or vaginal strap on play we have you covered with this info heavy class with Live demo for added clarity of techniques in practice. This class is for anyone of any sexual orientation or gender identity.

There's a dozen ways to please a woman  with your hands. Make it a kinky woman and your options are endless! Presented by Redrobin, come check out this class and demo where we'll explore the many fun ways to play with the female anatomy including petting, slapping, fingering, fisting and more! Join us on December 18th, 2018 for this unique and informative class. 

Do you ever feel unsatisfied with your sex life but can’t articulate why? Feel anxious that the way you have sex isn't "normal"? Suspect there is more out there to explore, but don’t know where to start or what you want? Whether we are aware of it or not, we are soaking in society's unwritten rules about the 'right' way to be sexual beings. These rules inexplicably shape us and can often get in the way of us discovering what we really want in the bedroom. 

Part lecture, part interactive workshop, this seminar will walk you through some of society's most fundamental unwritten rules about sexuality, how they shape our relationships to ourselves and to others and, finally, guide you towards discovering your authentic sexual self through exercises, visualisations and thought experiments. Join us November 29th, 2018: Sign up HERE.

Notes will be provided. Please bring a notebook, a pen and an open mind.

In this NEW 2-hour educational workshop (not therapy), attendees will gain an introduction to practical tools from the world’s foremost couples therapists and researchers. Jason Evans (MA, RCC) uses mix of humour, personal/clinical experience, and interactive exercises, to make the often complicated science of healthy relationships accessible, engaging and fun. Whether single, newly living together or in a long-term relationship, this workshop will help you break free from unhealthy emotional patterns and provide the knowhow to start making positive change in your most important relationships. Get and Keep the Relationship You Want: October 18th and $25 per person.