Winter is officially here & all we want to do is stay in bed with a good toy, with those we love.

But, don’t stay inside & away from The Art of Loving too long…. We’ll miss you.

Introducing Manta

Something for both!

When Fun Factory decided to make a male stroking-device they out did themselves. Most masturbation tools are meant for solo use only, but the Manta doesn’t have to be hidden under the bed when you have company over for the night. This...

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Table for three

Our social norm is to be with a single partner, “coupled”, “committed” or married. But, what if these don’t apply to you? If you don’t want to conform to societal norms, but feel guilty about it our seminar...

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Womanizer for her

Sound of climax!

Normally your eyes would roll if you heard someone say they are a “womanizer”, but with this lovely toy your eyes will roll & your toes will curl in delight! Designed to both penetrate and suck it is a full...

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Liquid Silk’s back

Reduce friction

When a product is this good it doesn’t stay on the shelves long. Back by popular demand… Liquid Silk. Acts as both water-based lubricant and skin conditioner. This hybrid has a touch of silicone which makes it last...

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Pinch, clamp & tug

Tickle your nipple

“There is not enough attention being paid to my nipples” …there I said it. We have plenty of vibrators, dildos, plugs and sleeves to sell, but did you know one of the most exciting areas to play with on...

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Hitachi wands

Pure magic

Whip out your wand and work some magic! Not that wand….at least not yet. I’m talking about the Hitachi Magic Wand.  ‘Netflix & chill’ is for children…. Invite your lover over for a powerful massage from...

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