Sex Tips

We carry a colourful selection of conditioned, hand-dyed hemp and jute rope made locally. There's also a good selection of silky smooth and less expensive nylon rope which is a great for beginners. A seasoned bondage instructor leads this month's Rope Bondage live demonstration on April 6th, 2017.  Also Midori's expert instructional book on Japanese bondage is a great way to learn this art form.

If you or your partner has a penis that is too long to enjoy deep penetration without painfully hitting the cervix, try using a beefy cock ring or even a Fleshlight Quickshot to make all positions pleasurable again for both of you. As one customer remarked: “He can bang away without any worry now. It’s fantastic.” – Says a Quick Shot customer. Try a thick ring such as THESE in medium or large or one of the Fleshlight Quick Shot sleeves for more coverage HERE.

When products are paraben-free it means they don’t contain any esters (a compound that is formed from acid and alcohol) of p-hydroxybenzoic acid, or chemicals like methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben. These compounds are used to extend the shelf life of products by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi.

However, while parabens may make products last longer, they are also filled with cancer-causing toxins that you probably don't want in your body. Luckily, the movement to live a healthier life has been gaining traction and people are becoming more informed of the risks presented by parabens while manufacturers are living up to the demand for free and clear products.

Most of our products are paraben and glycerin-free. A few favourites are locally made Hathor and Sutil: two luxurious lubes that contain food grade organic ingredients and are suitable for all uses including anal. Why put anything in your body that you wouldn't put in your mouth?

A collection of lubes we carry are developing a devoted following as they offer the washable convenience of water-based combined with the slippery feel of a silicone lube. Combining just the right slickness of silicone with predominantly water-based ingredients, these are a great choice when you need your lube to go a bit further but you don't like the synthetic feel of silicone based lubes. They may be used with toys without degrading the silicone, however you should do a spot check to make sure. We now have three choices of hybrid lubricants to choose from: Sliquid Silk, Liquid Silk, and Fuck Water. They're worth trying even if you dislike silicone lubes as they're great value because they go a bit further for the same price as a bottle of water-based.

A new kind of toy for women is worth checking out as it's getting quite the copycat flattery. A toy which both puts suction and vibration at the clitoris; a feeling similar to receiving lady head. Two such models here are the Womanizer W500 Pro: the re-make of the original that now has WAY stronger vibration options. Rechargeable with removeable silicone tips for easy clean up, we are liking the new sucker vibes! 

With Halloween sadly another year away, why not continue to play dress up at one of the sexy dress up parties in town? People often ask us what the

protocol is for dress for these events; so while they can differ in their restrictions, this Do and Do Not list seems to apply to most play parties and should give you a guideline for getting your alter ego together: 

Not Acceptable: Plain Jeans of any Type, Atheltic Wear, Plain Leather Jackets, Plain Breifs or Boxers, Plain T-Shirts of any Kind, Plain Suits or Work Clothes, Plain Cargo or Camo Shorts and No Effort? No Entry!

Acceptable: Vinyl, PVC, Rubber, Leather, Latex, Chaps, Authentic Kilt, Furry, Bondage, Straps, Fishnets, Mesh, Rope, Chain Mail, Armour, Cross Dress, Drag, Fetich Fantasy, Costume, Full Military Uniform, Kinky Period Outfit, Body Paint (lower genitals covered), Sex Kitten, and Fancy Lingerie.

Find a sexy novel or series of short stories to your taste, and take turns reading aloud to each other the next time you cuddle up. It can be an exciting, not

mention hilarious quality time together. There are of course thousands of options beyond the 50 Shades of Gray series. A time honoured classic we like here is The Story of O. A book like that where you don’t need to read very far before getting to a hot scene is best!

I think we all know that great sex is often messy. This tip is for those of you who love slip and slides, waterslides and…sex. It’s going to be the most fun you could have indoors. If you have some

painter’s plastic stored away, you can use that or pick up a plastic bedding sheet from us. They can be washed afterwards in cold and just hung up to dry for next playtime.

Crank up the heat in the room - your whole body is about to get soaking wet. Place the sheet on your mattress or plush rug and maybe put a rolled up sheet around the edges to catch any runoff. Secure it with a few heavy plants or furniture if it’s not a fitted plastic sheet.

Get out your bottle of Nuru Massage Gel: an aloe based, clear, lubricating goop. We have two sizes and a little goes a very long way. Don’t dump the whole bottle on the sheet unless you’re hosting a slip and slide party of 12.

Get naked. Take turns slowly gliding over each other like snakes in a bucket, using your body as a massage tool. It's a liberating and playful activity you'll want to try again.

Here are a few fun tips for getting it on in the bathtub or shower: Bring liquid edibles in with you! Replace the shampoo bottles

with a few tasty condiments and get messy as you drizzle the honey/chocolate/grape jelly over your partner’s sensitive delectables.

Try out ‘safe shower’ and pop one of these onto your tile wall for more vigorous sex dans l’eau. This handle can turn hesitant positions into confident ones in a snap.

Insert your favourite silicone lube into your pussy/bum before entering the shower so there’s no risk of slipping as you pour it. That lube will give you all the slip and slide you need, but should come with a warning should it hit the bathtub floor!

Here are a few creative ways to start off your next blow job. They work best if he’s standing or sitting on the side of the

bed/couch/office chair. Position your head underneath his cock, with your head tilted to the side and your mouth at the base of his shaft. Very slowly suck up along the underside until you get to his head, and the tip of his penis pops into your mouth. It gives him a sexy show and a nice lead-in to a sloppy, sumptuous blow job. Another variation, if he’s not so large as to fill your entire mouth; is to open your mouth wide and with just his cock head in your mouth, swirl your head in circles so it hits all areas of your mouth, but without the sucking sensation. The warm wetness is a nice precursor for the sucking to come!