Yoni Massage: Live Demo -December 4th

Article number: 2493020

Yoni Massage: Live Demo

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vulva or vagina, which translates to “sacred cave” or “sacred space.”

This beautiful type of sensual massage aims to help vulva and vagina owners feel more in tune with their bodies and more comfortable in their own skin. It includes touching, deep breathing, and potentially (if consent is given) finger penetration.

Join me in a live demo to learn how to create this opportunity and explore what may feel good for you, as well as creating a closer connection with yourself and your partner. While a yoni massage can definitely lead to a climax, an orgasm is not a requirement but rather about awakening pleasure. 

Please note - the doors will be locked at 7:35pm sharp!

*We require a minimum of 6 guests to proceed with this seminar. If we do not reach that attendance level your payment will be refunded & you will be notified of the seminars cancellation.

Seminar Leader:

Leanne June (elle-jay) is a certified somatic sex educator and trauma-informed bodyworker with a passion to empower and guide those who seek embodied pleasure through choice, voice and touch. As a sensual sexplorer for almost a decade, she aspires to understand desire, be in healthy wholeness with oneself, and an active participant in communities that support inclusion and radical self-expression. All of you are welcome here.  To learn more about her private practice visit www.embodiboundless.com