FAQ for Customers

1. Is my personal and financial information safe with you?
Our website uses encryption technology to safely transmit your credit card information to us. When we receive it, we print out the order, keep this print-out in a secure location in our office and delete the credit card information online. 

2. How are my purchases packaged?
All shipments are packaged discreetly in either a plain brown cardboard box or bubble packed shipping envelope. For your privacy, the return address for our store reads TAOL, not The Art of Loving. Nothing on the packaging identifies the nature of the contents. 
For shipments to the U.S. the required customs sticker identifies the contents  as "toys". 

3. My order arrived, but is incorrect. What is your policy?
Mail us back the item, and we will ship out the correct items. Your credit card will be reimbursed for the shipping costs you paid to return the items to us. 

4. My item is broken or defective. Can I get my money back?
Phone the store first to ensure there isn’t a confusion as to properly operating the toy. If the toy is found to be defective due to faulty manufacturing, we will replace it within 30 days of purchase. Just mail it back to us with the receipt and packaging and we will promptly mail you a new one that works! 

5. My order has not arrived at all. What is your policy?
If your items were in stock and mailed out, you may track your shipment online at Canada Post with the 16 digit tracking number we emailed to you at the time we mailed it. We have this number on file for you if the email was deleted, so just phone us during office hours at 604-742-9988 (Vancouver) or toll free 888-294-1821  or email us to get it. 

6. How do I clean and care for my toys?
To clean a 100% silicone toy, you may use a 10% bleach solution, an antibacterial soap, or if it doesn’t have electronics inside, they can be boiled for a few minutes. To clean jelly or hard plastic toys, hot soap and water with a good rinse is the best way. We also sell a product called Toy Cleaner which gently cleans toys without leaving any residue. All Cyberskin toys can be cleaned with running hot water over them and occasionally rinsing with alcohol for disinfecting. 

7. How do I redeem a gift certificate online?
Email us the amount of the Gift Certificate along with the 4 digit code located at the bottom of the gift certificate and we will calculate any amount outstanding. 

8. Can I order via fax, email or phone?
We take orders online and on the phone at 604-742-9988 (Vancouver) or 888-294-1821 toll free)  during office hours. 

9. Do you ship outside of Canada?
We ship only to the USA and Canada at this time. 

10. Do you have a print catalog?
We have a newsletter listing new products and seminars held in the shop in Vancouver; our only product list is online. 

11. Are in-store prices the same as on the website?

Our products cost the same online as in the store. 

12. Are all the products on the site in store as well ?

For the most part yes, but call ahead and check to be sure if you're traveling a long distance or are set on a very specific product