Monday - Thursday : 11 to 7pm

Friday : 11 to 8pm

Saturday: 10 to 6pm

Sunday: 12 to 6pm


We will be open regular hours Saturday September 30th

We will be open regular hours Monday October 2nd



369 West Broadway (1.5 blocks east of Cambie)  
Vancouver, BC  (Google Map)
A short walk from the City Hall subway station
Phone: 604-742-9988
[email protected]   


PARKING * * * PARKING * * * PARKING * * * PARKING * * * PARKING * * * PARKING * * * 

Additional Metered Parking Being Added to Area

Broadway Subway construction is now under way.  New metered parking spots created between Yukon & Quebec street, on 8th ave & 7th ave.   Or do some shopping at No Frills across the street and park on their rooftop parking area.

All new metered parking in the area will be in effect between 9am & 10pm, and charged at the City's lowest parking rate of $1 per hour.