Our mission

Our sex store in Vancouver, BC.

To enhance the sex life of our customers: more pleasure, more passion and more love! 
To promote sex-positive culture.
To help our society become more tolerant of sexual expression.

We do that through:

1) a welcoming, comfortable and aesthetic space
Our Vancouver store is specially designed to provide an attractive and friendly environment to shop for sexual products. In keeping with our high aesthetics, you won’t find any offensive pornography or tasteless packaging in our store. We strive to be respectful and artistic in every aspect of our presentation.

2) quality products
We carefully select the products we sell, focusing on high quality and great value. We offer a range of price points in all our key product categories and identify the relative merits of each. Whether you favour luxury or economy in your sexual products, we can provide a healthy and pleasurable solution. We carry a range of media, including books, art, DVDs and videos. All of our media is women-friendly and sex-positive.

3) knowledgeable staff
Most of our employees have a background in sex-education or sex-positive culture. Our staff are open-minded and knowledgeable about the products they sell. They complete an in-store  training program before they work a shift on the floor.

4) customer education
Education is key to a fulfilling sex life, and we provide that information to our customers in many ways: product explanations by our sales staff, detailed in-store “shelf talker” displays, a monthly email newsletter, an online archive of our sex-tips and product reviews, and especially through our seminar program. Since 2002 our faculty of dozens of sexual experts have led hundreds of seminars for thousands of customers. Several of our courses have even been featured in the national media.

5) community involvement
Sex-positive culture is thriving on Canada’s west coast, and we are proud of our participation in it. We sponsor sex-positive art festivals, feature erotic artists in our gallery, assist sex-positive journalists, and advocate for sexual human rights.