Aslan Black Jaguar Harness

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Black Jaguar Harness: Sleek, sexy sophisticated the Jaguar has it all! Designed for comfort, style and performance the Jaguar Harness has slim line buckles at the hips for maximum comfort and secure hold. D-ring closures on the butt straps make the Jaguar design simple to put on (unbuckle one side, step in, adjust buckles to fit) it sits low on the hips like low-rise jeans. Made from truly sexy shiny black garment leather this harness fits the body like a glove.

Designed for the ultimate ride the Jaguar's dildo placement is lower than most traditional harnesses allowing for delicious pressure on the clit. Two strap design allows for plenty of access. A three point snap out o-ring system (comes with one 2" rubber o-ring) allows for interchangeable o-ring sizes. The Jaguar's soft heavy garment leather and sleek design allows it it to perform equally well as a packing harness that can handle a hard fucking cock. Fits 26" to 44" waist size. 

The double up dildo cuff gives you the sensual option of having a dildo or butt plug inside your body while wearing a Jaguar harness during strap on sex or as a solo treat! This handy device is designed specially for use with any two strap Jaguar harness. To use it just slide onto the rear butt strap, place your favourite dildo or butt plug between the straps pull tight, and presto! You have a secure toy ready to wear wherever you want to feel the ride.


  • Low dildo placement for clitoral stimulation
  • Interchangeable o-ring sizes
  • Made in Canada

How to Use: Put the harness on, strap in dildo, then adjust to fit. Use wtih your favourite, flared based dildo (such as the Johnny Vixskin Dildo or the Suction Freddie) or anal toy (like the Anal Stud or Silk Insert). Make sure to warm up the vagina or anus with plenty of foreplay before pentation! You can use any water-based lubricant to make things extra slippery and enjoyable for you and your partner, too.

Size and Materials

  • Leather
  • 26" - 44" waist size

Cleaning and Care: hand wash only. Do not tumble dry.

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