July 2021

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If you have been on Broadway recently you have no doubt seen all the road work that has started. We want you to know we are still open for business, and ready to help you find what you’re looking for.


Additional Parking


Broadway may no longer be an option for parking, but did you know the City of Vancouver added 260 new paid parking spots just north of us? They can be found between Yukon & Quebec street, on 8th & 7th ave.


Spiral Into Fantasy


Explore your fantasies and redefine the meaning of pleasure with SILA™. As gentle waves surge from the tip of your clitoris, reach the climax of your dreams and soar to new heights of ecstasy. SILA™ offers a new way to experience foreplay, teaching you about self-love, teasing you to reach your climax slowly as you listen to your body for a more intense orgasm. Build your sexual experience with its softer, deeper, and overall bigger mouth that will give you complete satisfaction from top to bottom.


Bachelorette Season!



It is time to get the girls together & celebrate your bestie getting hitched. How do you do that? With as many penis themed gag items you can find of course. We have a wacky assortment of bachelorette supplies that should help get the party started.


The New Benchmark


Orgasms are better together, and that’s what Nos is made for. Because with Nos you’ll never cum alone. Designed with the clit in mind with extra long vibrating tips, and a more realistic fit for men for ultimate comfort.



And, finally:


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