Gemstone Canada

Min: C$0 Max: C$250

Gemstone Yoni is a luxury sex toy & Yoni Egg company designed to "spiritually nourish" women by awakening higher levels of orgasmic pleasure.

Hand carved from 100% GIA certified crystal, Gemstone Yoni's goal is to revolutionize the female orgasm. Moving away from the traditional vibration-induced climax, we want women to tap into a gradual arousal, a steady succulent climb, building up an organic accumulation of sexual energy, leading to a conscious, full-bodied, expansive orgasm.

We dare you to put away your vibrator and tune into the sacredness of self-love; lasting juiciness, deeply satisfying orgasms that blossom beautifully into the erotic, self-loving, intuitive, powerful beings you've always craved to be.