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Aneros Progasm Black Ice.  The progasm is the largest, hand-free prostate massager offered by Aneros. The size provides a robust prostate massage. Its smooth plastic construction is highly durable and comfortable to use. In addition, the two external tabs allow for comfortable wear, and enhanced perineum stimulation.



  • Durable, body safe material
  • Largest Aneros model
  • External tab provide extra stimulation
  • Self-pivoting to provide intense prostate massage
  • Life-time warranty
  • For advanced users


How to Use: The Progasm is designed to provide hands free prostate massage. Simply apply ample lubricant to the massager. Lie one your side and bring your top knee up to your chest, keeping the bottom leg straight. Slowly insert the massager, positioning the perineum tab against the area between the anus and the scrotum. Relax and allow your body to become accustomed to the massager. As slowly as possible contract and relax the sphincter muscle. The progasm will automatically massage your prostate. Do not apply manual pressure to the massager. 


Size and Materials: 

  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Tip width: 3/4 inches
  • Medical grade plastic


Cleaning and Care: The progasm can be cleaned with soap and water, or antibacterial adult toy cleaner.

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Aneros Vice. This beauty is an evolution in prostate massage, built with the quality materials and craftmanship you've come to expect from Aneros. Unlike other products on the market, the Vice's every curve has been anatomically designed to fit your body for an unbelievable experience. Combined with a unique multi-patterned vibrator, you'll be taken to limits you've never imagined.

Like all Aneros products, the Vice was anatomically designed to rest comfortably against the prostate for a safe and mind-blowing massage. Made from FDA approved materials, the Vice is formed from a high quality medical grade silicone whose satin finish allows for a comfortable and easy-to-clean experience. Our Stainless Steel vibrator was also custom designed specifically to enhance the orgasms acheived through prostate massage. The removeable vibrator in itself is a work of art, machined out of Stainless Steel with a beautiful brushed finish, ready to give you hours of pleasure. Designed with purpose and looks fit for a museum, are you ready to reveal your Vice?

Size and Material: 4" insertable x 1 1/2" at its widest point, plug is made of 100% silicone


Runs on standard AAA batteries that can be purchased anywhere.

Large tactile button for a comfortable feel and response

Three vibrating patterns with three levels of intensity

Ultra-quiet vibration

Cleaning and Care: Remove vibrating bullet and boil for up to 3 minutes to sanitize.

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MGX Classic. Medically researched and designed, the Aneros is the only device of its kind! Its proven hands-free, self-pivoting design stimulates the Male G-spot - the prostate- as well as the perineum. The Aneros is made from a hard, non-porous FDA-approved plastic material called Acetal. The Aneros is composed of three main components -- the head, the perineum abutment tab, and the handle.
Features :

  •  The head automatically pivots when the man contracts his PC muscle, directly massaging the prostate.
  •  The handle provides stability and is used when inserting and removing the Aneros.
  • Where other devices require the help of a partner, the Aneros has no such limitations. Sitting, standing, bent over, upside down -- there are endless possibilities to the positions that Aneros can be used in.

Size and Material : 

  • 4'' insertable x 11/16'' at its widest point
  • ABS plastic 

Cleaning and Care: Wash with soap and water to clean.

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Helix Syn. The popluar and award winning Aneros Helix is now available with a velvet touch silicone coating. Slightly refined fit for even more comfort, with a softer exterior, and the same rigid inner frame necessary for the mind-blowing prostate experiences Aneros is famous for.  Use water based lubricants with this toy.Hands-free and no batteries required.  Phthalate-free.  Colour is black and red only.


  • super soft silicone coating 
  • curve for prostate stimulation 
  • body fitting handle 
  • hands free 

How to Use: This prostate toy is soemthing else try with a partner or on your own, during intercourse or mastrubation this toy adds stimualtion to any activity. 

Size and Material:

  • Tip width: 1 1/16"
  • Insertable length: 4"
  • Stem to Perinium distance: 1 3/4"

Cleaning and Care: Wash with anti bacterial soap and water and dry well 

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Aneros Helix Classic is part of the Next-Generation line.

The Helix is aggressively shaped and angled, providing immediate pressure and tension on the prostate and surrounding area. It requires less patience and practice to realize benefits. 

The Helix was designed based on feedback from our customers and several additional design patents. It has a sharply angled stem and large bulbous head which provide a more "aggressive" prostate massage. 

The redesigned P-Tab provides a more focused external prostate stimulation when massaging the perineum. 

In terms of dimensions, the Helix is larger at the tip ( versus  the MGX) and is more angled to provide a more vigorous massage. However, the mid-ridge is slightly smaller (1/16" smaller) on the Helix.

Insertable length: 4"

Tip width: 3/4"

Stem to Perinium distance: 1 3/4"

Colour: white