Cockness Monster Lake Creature

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Cockness Monster Lake Creature by Creature Cock: This magical Creature Cock dildo is a gorgeous, iridescent green and shaped like a long-necked dragon! With a graceful arch it curves to stimulate your G-spot or P-spot. The smiling head and raised brows enhance each penetration. The ribbed, scaly shaft gives you a variety of new sensations to explore at different angles. Made out of premium, silky smooth, phthalate-free silicone it has a squishy outside and firm, flexible core that is body-safe. Only use water-based lubricants for best results. The strong, suction-cup base lets you ride hands-free when it's placed on any flat surface. It's harness compatible so you can enjoy it with a partner or attach the harness to a chair or bench. Enjoy your kinky cosplay, fantasy roleplay and self-pleasure with this fantasy dildo! After play, wash with warm water and mild soap then spray with a toy cleaner and let it air dry.

At twilight, the sun hits the water just right. You're boating out on the water and know you should return, but the way the water glitters as the sun sets is too beautiful and you've stayed out later than you should. You know these waters, there aren't supposed to be mysteries or surprises but a strange fog has rolled in and the mists hang heavy and low over the water's surface. You see a ripple in the water and the hair on the back of your neck stands up. Something bumps the bottom of your bottom and rocks it so you nearly fall over. Panicked, you grab the oars and begin to paddle back to shore. It's too late! Another bump and you've fallen into the water! As you gasp for breath, your arms and legs thrashing to keep your head above water, something wraps around you! Instead of drowning you, a head lifts up out of the water and looks you right in the eye. Your heartbeat speeds up and you stop breathing, terrified. It holds you right above the water, but then the head disappears and you look around, frightened and confused, wondering where it went. Then suddenly you feel teeth ripping at your clothing and before you can stop it, you're being penetrated! You want to stop it, but every ridge and bump shocks your body with waves of pleasure!

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  • This Creature Cocks dildo is an iridescent, magical green dragon with a long neck. Along the neck are ribbed scales. The head is shaped like a dragon head with lifted brows. The shaft curves gently and has a base of splashing waves.
  • Strong Suction Cup: Enjoy hands-free rides with this strong, suction cup base that can be placed on any flat surface.
  • Harness Compatible: Use it with a compatible harness for strap-on or pegging play!
  • Phthalate-free
  • Each is unique & may vary from the pictures shown

Size & Material: 

  • Materials: Silicone
  • Measurements: Overall length: 8.1 inches. Insertable length: 6.8 inches. Narrowest insertable diameter: 1.5 inches. Widest insertable diameter: 2 inches.

Cleaning and Care: Use a mild soap & warm water to wipe down. Let air dry. Unless instructions say otherwise.

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