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Daily Sex: 365 Positions and Activities for a Year of Great Sex!

Every happy couple knows that sex is an integral part of a healthy relationship--and that it takes hard work to keep the bedroom routine from getting stale. But being sexually adventuresome takes a lot of confidence, and sometimes, a lot of planning ahead. Now, there's DAILY SEX--365 different sex tips and techniques for every day of the year. Organized into 12 month-long calendars that can be started at any time, each page consists of thrilling new positions for intercourse, titillating manual and oral activities, and other methods of fantastic foreplay. By encouraging daily intimacy, it will also help to promote love, trust, and communication between partners, which only enhances the sexual experience. This is the ultimate guide to help readers make great sex a reality--every day of the year!

Say good-bye to the same old positions. Say hello to a brand-new and exciting sex life! It's true. Careers, kids, the everyday pressures of married life can take the spark out of any couple's sex life. So how to put the rrrrrr back in your romance? In three words: variety, variety, variety. So here's not only how to have sex more often, but with more free-rein imagination, more passionate participation, more mutual gratification. From sizzling seduction and foreplay...to torrid techniques and positions...to the unexplored hot zones of your partner's body...turn on to 365 sensual scenarios, one for every day of the year (plus one more position for leap years!). Fill your days and thrill your nights with: The Kissing Booth - walk in and get some mouth-to-mouth rejuvenation. Let Your Fingers Do The Talking - When you bring your partner to ecstasy. The Armchair Quarterback - This position will have you sitting through a wonderfully satisfying halftime show. The Golfer's Delight - Golf course or intercourse? Now you can have both! Mark your calendar - this could be the best year of your life with 365 positions and activities for a year of great sex.