Exploring Our Bisexuality: For Women -January 16th

Article number: 2493024

Exploring Our Bisexuality: For Women*

*this seminar is inclusive of cis-women, trans-women, gender-diverse, non-binary, Two-Spirit people whose gender identity includes ‘woman’ some or all of the time.

Whether you identify as bi, queer, pansexual or another sexuality and are looking to date women. Whether you are newly out or have been out as bi for a long time. Whether you have been in a long-term heterosexual relationship and are looking to open up your relationship to explore your bi-ness/queer sexuality. This seminar is for you.

In this workshop we will dive into some of the concepts around sexual identity. Explore bi-stigma and bi-phobia both within straight and queer communities. Examine compulsory heteronormativity and the barriers people face being bi. Community resources and suggestions on where to meet womyn will be provided. We will discuss navigating poly or open relationships if we choose that; the invisibility we may face of our queerness when in “hetero” looking relationships. The many layers of “coming out.” Join us in support of one another and in building more community together. 

Please arrive on time as doors will be locked at 7:35pm

*We require a minimum of 6 guests to proceed with this seminar. If we do not reach that attendance level your payment will be refunded & you will be notified of the seminars cancellation.

Seminar Leader: Anisha is a Sexual Health Educator with over 18 years working in many areas of sexual and reproductive health. They completed a Sexual Health Educator Training program with Options for Sexual Health and have facilitated a variety of sexuality workshops for many audiences. They are currently studying to be a Somatic Sex Educator, with the Institute for the Study of Somatic Sex Education.

They identify as queer, poly and gender-diverse.