Fleshlight Turbo Core

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Turbo Core by Fleshlight: The Fleshlight Turbo Core offers multiple layers of inner stimulation explicitly designed to replicate the earth-shaking sensations of oral sex. Uniquely designed with our patented multiple suspended entry points, each layer will grab hold of you with various textured sensations.

As you slide inside, the Turbo Core’s external suspended tips caress you, rubbing its nibs gently across your head and shaft with each and every stroke.

With your member fully engulfed, the matching pair of floating inner rings work in unison to achieve a snug yet welcoming grip.

Finally, as you drill deeper into its core, prepare yourself for a toe-curling combo of gripping texture and exceptional suction, unlike anything you have felt before.

Size: 25.5 cm long by 10 cm diameter (10 by 4 inches). 3/4 inch wide smooth canal inside.

Colour: Clear with blue

Caring for your Fleshlight:

When your Fleshlight needs cleaning, here's what you do--

1) Remove the insert from the holder

2) Turn it inside out by inserting your hand all the way to end of the toy, grasping the edge and pulling the end towards you, through the toy. (Don't worry, you won't tear or stretch out your toy by doing this!)

3) Wash the inside-out toy in warm water WITHOUT SOAP"”just use water. (Soap can degrade the Fleshlight material. It can also get inside your penis during your next Fleshlight use and irritate your urethra, so NO SOAP!)

4) Allow your Fleshlight to air dry in the inside-out position. When it's completely dry, lightly dust the exposed inner surface of the toy with cornstarch. DO NOT USE TALCUM OR BABY POWDER. These products contain mineral particles that can tear or pit the surface of the toy (and can put minuscule cuts in your penis). USE CORNSTARCH ONLY! Dusting the toy with cornstarch helps keep it soft and silky smooth.

5) Turn the toy right-side out, and re-insert back into the holder.

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