Joyshift: The Journey to Primal Happiness

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Life is a journey and it can be profoundly happy if you follow the science-based, step-by-step practice called joyshifting.

This daily didcipline lifts your spirits the same way vitamins enhance your physical health, boosting you into the upper rages of emotional wellbeing.

Joyshift: the journey to primal happiness provides all the information you need to start this revolutionary perosnal-development system.

You will learn about the ancient evolutionary roots of modern happiness, why a relatively few key experiences are essential for a happy life, why they are often absent from the modern world, and how you get them via fun, relaxing, and fulfilling daily routine.

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Written by John Ince, an author of six books and the co-owner of The Art of Loving. His diverse background as an entrepreneur, wilderness adventurer, lawyer, human rights activist, seminar leader, and meditation practitioner informs the innovative personal growth practice Joyshift describes.