Rubber Whip

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Rubber Floggers with fine strands, like angel-hair pasta. You can use this to give a satisfying "thwack" or a soft, gentle tickle. Be aware that rubber has a stinging quality that leather doesn't. The measurement below refers to the total length of the toy. Colours may vary.

As with all percussion toys, they're best used on parts of the body with lots of padding between the skin and bone: the upper back, the buttocks and the thighs. Be careful not to hit the neck, the kidneys, the tailbone or any part of the front of the body.

Flexible toys like floggers are harder to aim than rigid toys like paddles or canes. Do your lover and yourself a favor and practice on a pillow until you can hit only what your aiming at before you use this on somebody else.

small purple 10"

large black 14"

Cleaning and Care: 

Wash with anti bacterial soap and allow to fully dry 

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