Small Ripple Anal Plug

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Small Ripple Plug. This 100% silicone toy is sleek and slim with a series of gradually widening bulbs that feel similar to anal beads. As with any bead-style anal toy, the beads feel best when sloooowly pulled out of the anus. 

The toy has a flared base for safety, which also allows it to be adapted for use with some strap-on harnesses. Since it's silicone, the toys can be washed in hot soapy water and then disinfected by boiling for 3 minutes. You can also clean it in the top rack of the dishwasher. Many people always use condoms with their anal toys to make clean up quicker and easier.

We recommend plenty of water-based lube for use with this toy!

Size: 11 cm long by 2.85 cm toy with 6 cm flared base (5 in by 1 in with 2.5 inch base)

Colours: Midnight Purple 

Staff Sex Tip: People carry a lot of chronic tension in their pelvises. This, along with some understandable nervousness about going into a historically "taboo" area of sex play, means that people can be too tense and wound up to enjoy anal stimulation. Both first-timers and experienced anal play connoisseurs will find anal play is much more fun after a deep massage of the hips, pelvis and buttocks. Many people enjoy anal play the most after they've been sexually aroused for quite a while already. Women, in particular, are more responsive to anal stimulation after they've had an orgasm or two. When you are starting out with anal play, start out slow, keep it well lubricated and communicate with your partner about your needs.

Cleaning and Care: Use a mild soap & warm water to wipe down. Let air dry. Unless instructions say otherwise.


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