Tantric Massage on Men -April 30th

Article number: 2491010

Tantric Massage on Men

Give your man an evening of sensual pleasure! Rev up his erotic engine and learn some practical methods in the art of erotic ceremony, the ultimate in foreplay. Discover a different and new way to connect with your partners body, mind and spirit. By the end of this evening you will be able to create an erotic event your partner will never forget. Get tips on the fine points of male genital massage, on ways to cultivate trust and intimacy, and on the simple sensual accessories that are sure to stir his passion. Bring a notebook and pen! This is an info-rich seminar!

Seminar Leader:

Vera Zyla is a sex educator, co-owner of The Art of Loving and has a degree in Acupuncture and as a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner (TCMP). She has been leading adult education seminars and events for over twenty years at The Art of Loving, conferences, trade shows and private gatherings. Seen regularly in the media and interviewed for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines she is motivated by passion, education and fun. She blends a holistic playful approach while helping people learn more about sex, sex toys and relationships.  She empowers and transforms with a pleasure positive message.