Throne Adjustable Sex Sling with Stand

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Throne Adjustable Sex Sling with Stand by Master Series: This sling is unlike others. For those who want support and a padded but firm surface, this sling is a floating chair or bondage table that makes your experience weightless. As you defy gravity and push the edges of your kinky comfort zone in intense or stimulating scenes, find yourself securely above the ground on this chair sling suspended from a durable, steel frame that can hold up to 330 lbs. The chair hangs via chains from the easy to assemble frame. Stirrups are included and allow you to elevate your legs or grab on with your hands, depending on your position. Fully adjust the height so your partner can enjoy ergonomic penetration and play! Adjust the angle of the chair from 90 degrees to 180 degrees to go from sitting up to laying back and find which angle gives you the perfect angle to hit your A-spot, G-spot or P-spot! The comfortable, padded chair is covered with vegan friendly, easy to clean, PU leather.

Set up the sling and stand. If you're the one who will be standing while using it, make sure it's set up so that the chair is at hip height for optimal access to penetration. For manual penetration go into a lunge widen your stance for the best power position. Then help your partner get up into the chair. They can place their legs up in the stirrups and you can have them seated or laid back at the angle of your choice. Once you have them in the chair, now you can enjoy easy penetration! Grab hold of the chair and rock it back and forth against you with each thrust. Hold them in place and get at their sweet spot easily. Go down on them or play with their nipples, erogenous zones and more! If you lay them back, they can give you oral as well! Have fun and enjoy the ride!

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  • Durable Frame: Made out of durable steel this frame can handle up to 330 lbs.
  • Adjustable Height: Adjust the height so you can have an ergonomic setup for all kinds of naughty fun!
  • Adjustable Sling: Go from 90 to 180 degrees so you can enjoy it seated or laid back.
  • Comfortable PU Leather Pads: The two pieces of the sling chair are padded and covered with vegan-friendly, PU leather.

Size & Material: 

  • Measurements: (LxWxD= 208 x 216 x 216 cm) STAND: 82 inches. Assembled height; 85 inches x 58 inches base footprint. SLING: Frame measures 39.5 inches Length x 31 inches Width. Seat measures 11 inches Length x 15.5 inches Width. Back rest measures 27.5 inches Length x 15.75 inches Width & reclines from 90° to 180° CHAINS: 46 inches length STIRRUPS: 20 inches length
  • Max weight limit: 330 lbs
  • Materials: Iron, PU leather
  • Color: Black, metal
  • Note: All tools & instructions included

Cleaning and Care: Use a mild soap & warm water to wipe down. Let air dry. Unless instructions say otherwise.

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