Urban Tantra

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Urban Tantra

Many people think Tantra can only be learned and practiced in peaceful, wooded, New Age retreats. But most people don't live in quiet forests. They live in big, boisterous cities and suburbs. Fortunately, Urban Tantra® is a bold new practice that can be used anywhere and by everyone"”inexperienced, young, old, queer, edgy, pierced, differently-abled, tattooed"”you name it.Urban Tantra, the book, is based on my popular series of Urban Tantra® workshops (named Best in New York by Time Out/New York magazine), in which I created a radically updated Tantric sex practice for modern sexual explorers that Annie Sprinkle describes as "a fresh, new, inclusive, smart, hip, bold, and very fun version of Tantra." With its juicy mix of erotic how-to and pleasure-centered spiritual wisdom, Urban Tantra will guide you through more than 100 techniques and positions for expanded orgasmic states, erotic massage, and more.

Combining the principles of ancient Tantra with contemporary sex positivism, Urban Tantra includes sections such as How to Touch, Conscious Quickies (Twenty-Minute Tantra), Solo Tantra, Discover What Truly Turns You On, Take Yourself on a Tantric Date, and even Tantra for the Adventurous (Tantric BDSM, How to Throw a Great Ritual/Sex Party, and Group Tantra). Urban Tantra can be explored step-by-step, as if attending your own private workshops, or you can jump in anywhere, trying out exercises that appeal to you at that moment.

Forget about the common myths, such as Tantra requires a heterosexual partner, it takes too long, there's no real sex, a guru is necessary, etc. With Urban Tantra, you do not have to devote your life to the study of Tantra, buy expensive products, or learn to speak Sanskrit. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the good stuff right away! Urban Tantra is a fun and frisky guide to mind-blowing sex in the twenty-first century"”an invitation to live life more deliciously and make the world a more sexually satisfied, enlightened, and inclusive place.