Welcome back to Between the Sheets. Last week I took a brief hiatus but this week I'm back with a new set of stories that are just waiting to be read. This week's post is all about first's. There's a first time for everyhting, especially when it comes to the intimate side of life.

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So last week, on the first ever Ins and Outs, I started off by offering a beginner’s guide to buying a vibrator. My intention for this blog series was to start with the most basic sex toy topics and gradually move on into more advanced areas. It now occurs to me that I haven’t started at the beginning, and that rather than starting off with toys I should have started with the most universal sexual accessory, lube! I have no idea how I managed to overlook something so essential, but I did and now I intend to rectify the situation.



 Well it’s a beautiful Monday here in Van City, and what better way to start the week off than with some choice sex toy tips. For this, the first week of Ins and Outs, I thought we’d start off with a discussion about one of the most well known, and at the same time complicated sex toys, the almighty vibrator.



Happy Saturday morning everyone. Welcome back to another installment of Between the Sheets, our weekly blog post where we feature reader submitted stories of their own funny sexual encounters. As always these are real stories submitted by readers just like you, so if you like what you read here feel free to send me your own funny stories. This week we have a some great ones lined although I will warn you the last one is pretty gross so if you're put off easily you may want to skip it. Enjoy!


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Put on the coffee and get kick back because it's time for another installment of Between the Sheets. I have some pretty great stories lined up for you this week but first, a joke…


Two whales were swimming in the sea, and the came upon a whaling ship. The first whale says,

“Look, those are the jerks that harpooned my brother! We can’t let them get away with that!”

The second whale says, “What should we do then?”

The first whale says. “Ok, you distract them by swimming in circles around the boat and blowing bubbles. Then I’ll ram the boat until the whalers fly off. When they land in the water we’ll eat’em up!”

How To Clean Your Sex Toy

Continuing on with the spring theme, I’d like to talk about cleaning. Specifically, how best to clean your toy to maximize both your enjoyment and the lifetime of your objet de plaisir. It may not be the most exciting topic, however learning how to clean your toy properly is a wortwhile investment. There’s nothing worse than getting a yeast infection that could have been avoided….





Happy Spring everyone and welcome back to Between the Sheets! As always we have a great selection of reader submittd stories just waiting to help you start your day off with a laugh.

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Spring + Sexual Growth


What better time to expand your sexual literacy? Maybe you’ve always wanted to have anal sex but have felt intimidated? Or you’ve wanted to understand your sexual side from a spiritual perspective? Or perhaps  you’ve wanted to play with a strap on and don’t know how to go about it safely?  


Happy Saturday and welcome back to another installment of Between the Sheets. We've got some pretty funny stories lined up today, I hope you enjoy them.



Welcome one and all to the brand spanking new and first ever installment of Between the Sheets, our new weekly blog post featuring reader submitted stories about their own funny, embarrassing, awkward, or just down right puzzling experiences with anything and everything to do with sex. So let’s get started.


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Vulva's Love The Lovin'

Recently, or rather two days ago, Vancity Buzz did an article about our live demo seminars. The demos are performed on a consenting model who is hired ahead of time (no audience participation required) and are a great way to learn how to execute different sexual techniques.

One of the Live Demo seminars we have coming up is Vulva Massage. I've had a lot of people asking what exactly that means so I wanted to take a moment to go over some of the basics. 

Basically Vulva massage is just that, massaging the vulva. So that can include the hood and head of the clitoris, the inner lips, and the perineum. 

But why would I do that, you ask?

A Reminder On Why We (Should) Kegel

>We all know that our pelvic muscles play a vital role in female health, but truth be told that my motivation to exercise them waxes and wanes quite regularly.

Pump up the Pussy

Yesterday I had the pleasure of waking up to a txt from a close friend of mine. She wanted to know how long a woman could safely use a pussy pump for. Two thoughts crossed my mind when I read her txt. First, I realized how much I love my job. I love that I get txts about things like pussy pumps and dildos. It makes life way more interesting. The second thing I thought was 'What an excellent question!' You see the thing is I don't get asked about pussy pumps all that often, which really is a shame because when used correctly they are a lot of fun. Now I'm not an expert, but if I had to venture a guess as to why pussy pumps are not high on most people's sex toy radars I would say it's because their kind of intimidating.

Valentine's Day: Last Minute Gift Ideas

No surprise that for a shop that celebrates love, Valentine's Day is our busiest time of year.

We're open from 10am - 8pm both Saturday and Sunday this weekend to help you out with any last minute gifts.

Here are a few ideas to help enhance your Valentine's celebrations: 

1) Massage Candles - We have about a dozen massage candles in stock at the moment - some lickable, all divine. These have been flying off the shelves since we received them. The beauty of these candles is that they're in solid form unitl you burn them. There's no worrying about greasy bottles kicking around and they are made of natural ingredients.

The Future is Now

Hi All,

Rio here. I'm the newest member of The Art of Loving team and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to working with all the wonderful people here at the store.

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