The Future is Now

Hi All,

Rio here. I'm the newest member of The Art of Loving team and I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to working with all the wonderful people here at the store.

To Peg or Not To Peg

It's so exciting to see that the traditional roles and rules around gender and sexuality are becoming more fluid and relaxed. I once had a professionally accredited and well-respected sex therapist tell me I was "weird" for my interest in taking on more dominant and traditionally masculine roles such as pegging.* As a heteroflexible female, this didn't sit well with me.

*Pegging, for the unititiated, is the act of a woman penetrating a man with a strap-on dildo.

Join our Sex Positive Customer Service Team

One thing you can be sure of as a customer here is that we sex shop employees have heard pretty much everything before. We talk about sex all day, every day and there's very little that phases us. Truly.

Tenga Eggs

Many people come up to us and ask, what are these?

Eggs? Yes.

They are actually little stimulation sleeves that streche up to 12 inches. All of them have their own seperate patterns depending on the outer colour and pattern on the packaging that you do see. Do not be fooled, these little guys are amazing.

New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone.

I'm not big on New Year's resolutions in general. The one exception is that I resolve to further explore my kinks. And boy does the shop have some great resources for this!

We have lots of high-quality BDSM gear in stock such as cuffs, collars and leashes. We are proud to carry toys from Aslan Leather and Leatherbeaten,  purveyors of high quality gear made right here in Canada.

New Year, New Events!

I'm excited that we have some juicy new seminars and a play coming up in January, 2016 here at The Art of Loving. Our shop is host to a brand new kink series that features a model and will be packed with great information. So if you're merely curious or want to spend a weekday evening doing something unique, check out one or all of this series.

A play is being held here for two weekends in January as well that will have fun with the topic of sex and is sure to be a laugh. 'Let's Talk About Sex' would be a perfect date night idea after dinner. 

Stuffing Stockers

Many customers have been coming in and wondering, what are some good, sexy, kinky stocking stuffers?

Well, first off, we have LOTS! Both reasonable (like everything in this store) or super pricey. You can pick up some vibrating (or non-vibrating) cock rings, funky wrist cuffs with matching ankle cuffs, $20.00 bullets or possibly a $65 bullet that comes from a wonderful brand based in Germany with TWO year warranties *cough* Fun Factory *cough.*

Introducing, the Fun Factory Click n' Charge!

Secret Santa

Happy December readers! Hopefully you are all ready for the Christmas season to start.

Sadly, we do not have any Christmas themed products in stock, YET! We should have some in pretty soon though, since they can be hilarious and sexy at the exact same time.

Something that a lot of shoppers have been doing is shopping for those wonderful Secret Santa events! We have a ton of items in stock that are both cheap and reasonable. Vibrating bullets, dark penis chocolates, lube samples, board games, sexy stockings, etc.

Just a Reminder...

The Ocean is ON SALE!

For only $71.99 (before taxes) you could have this adorable, strong toy in your hands. It's rechargeable, includes a 2 year warranty with Fun Factory, and completely waterproof. Not to mention it comes in two colours: Rose and Royal Blue.

I personally own this toy and it's incredibly strong and soft to the touch.

Sex Tips

Happy Saturday! Well, for those who are able to sleep in and relax. I've been writing rather long articles, so I'll just keep it short and brief this weekend.

Sex Tip #1: Dirty Talk

I understand how people may feel "eeeeugh" about this, because well, it can be a bit awkward to say at first, but don't you love it when your partner talks dirty to you? I personally do, unless I'm not in the mood for it, so just test the waters before you go too deep too fast.

Happy and Healthy Relationships

As I am typing out this soon to be blog post, the How to Get... and Keep The Relationship You Want seminar is happening in our store! So, why not talk about some relationship advice for anyone who is either having problems or just wants to know if they're on the right track.

The first thing that I have to say is... COMMUNICATE!

Communication is literally key to keeping a great relationship, or fix one that isn't so hot right now.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, sexy beasts! (or whatever you're planning on being for the day)

If you're looking for some last minute costumes, we have a few options. Stockings, masks, lingere, maid outfits, school girl outfits, nurse outfits, wigs, and so on. We have a few in plus size as well! For those full figured ladies. Or, maybe by a strap on kit and walk around with a penis for a few hours, that'll suprise more than a few people. Wink wink.

I would just like to announce that we now have gimp masks in stock, but sadly, we do not have a full fledged American Horror Story rubber man in stock. Boo. 

Maybe one day!

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