Hey everybody!

Fall is officially in the air, and to be quite honest I love it. The chill makes me feel creative, energized, and most relevantly: sexy!

Today I’m going to be talking about the very sexy and seductive art of Shibari, or, Japanese rope bondage. Briefly, this incredible art began in Japan several hundred years ago, and was originally devised for the purpose of tying up prisoners in unknown (and therefore harder to escape) ways. These techniques began show up on stages in the 1950s, and have gained in popularity and complexity ever since.

HUMP a collection of short amateur porn clips

 I went to the RIO theater last night to see a collection of short movie clips of amateur porn and it was so fun.  Each clip is about 5 minutes long and they made me laugh and filled me with wonder at the variety in peoples sexual lives and creative minds.  Tonight is the last night its playing in Vancouver so go to the RIO for 7pm or 9:30pm show.    Do it!

Disgruntled Dickery

Apparently your tenure here at the Art of Loving is not complete without some disgruntled customer chucking their used toy at you. I came in to work today to hear of my lovely and beloved co-worker having had a used cockring thrown at her. The guy had had it for over a MONTH. If you buy a $10 ring to keep your Johnson poking at whoever is lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your tender erection, you can bank on it eventually breaking apart. If your toy has disappointed you, we're more than happy to help solve the problem, but whether it's a cockring, a rabbit faced vibrator or a can of paint: it's assault if you throw it at us. Not in keeping with the Art of Loving, and we don't deal in actual Dick. 


So last week was all about dulling the senses when they prove to be too…well, sensitive! But sometimes the opposite is the case, senses not sensitive enough! Luckily there is an entire world of products designed with exactly that situation in mind, and ‘cause “topical stimulants” doesn’t sound all that sexy, let’s call ‘em stimulating potions!

(This is what came up in google when I searched “sexy science”. You’re welcome.)


Hello friends,
While the ever popular and extremely informative Anal Play for Women seminar goes on behind me (with a LIVE DEMO no less!) I would like to take a few minutes to talk about male genital desensitizers.

So much of the sex toy and tool world is about increasing stimulation, adding textures and vibrations, pressure, suction, lube, electricity, you name it! But sometimes what people need is not more sensation, but less.


Hey Everybody,

I have fractured my heel, and can only hobble, so I’m spending today with my butt firmly planted in this here office chair. For that reason, I am going to take the opportunity to take an in depth look at a type of product I have always found intimidating: the herbal sexual enhancement supplement.



My friends,
I have come to you today to talk about a subject very dear to my heart: Dildos. First of all, it’s a great word. Dildo. Dill Doe. Good alliteration on them syllables. Also, notably, of unknown etymological origin. Who doesn’t like a good mystery?

Ins and Outs- Sex Shop Edition!


So far on Ins and Outs I have discussed how to choose a cock ring, how to choose a penis pump, and how to choose a condom. Today I’d like to get a little macro and discuss

How to Choose a Sex Shop

At first glance this may seem like an incredibly self-serving topic of exploration, but it was spurred by a sex shop in another city, on the other side of the country, promise!


Howdy y’all!
Today is Father’s Day, a yearly Sunday dedicated to celebrating the joys of fatherhood, and what better time to talk about……



So! Last week I was talking about cock rings which are all about keeping blood where it ought to be. In an erection! But how about getting one in the first place? Really unfortunately, porn has popularized the idea that men should be able to get rock hard, twelve-inch, purple, pulsating erections that last for hours without waning. This just isn’t true for most people, and can lead to anxieties that actually wind up exacerbating the problem. In truth, fears about being unable to get or keep an erection are in and of themselves total boner killers. What’s a Dick to do?

Penis pumps, people. I want to talk about penis pumps.


Welcome back to another edition of Between The Sheets, our weekly post where we feature reader submitted stories about their own funny, embarrasing, or just plain awkward sexual adventures.

Submitted By: Anonymous

HerbaMax! Yay!


Problems with male sexual functioning are common, affecting more than half of all couples at some point in time. Although male sexual dysfunction rarely threatens physical health, it can take a heavy psychological toll, bringing on depression, anxiety and debilitating feelings of inadequacy.

Lack of sexual desire may be due to physical illness, low testosterone levels, medications that affect libido and/or psychological causes, including depression or interpersonal problems.


Well hey there people, this is my Ins and Outs debut, and in fact my any-blog-ever debut, and what better inaugural topic than the enigmatic cock ring?

Over the years I feel like nothing has provoked so much blushing in my presence as questions about cock rings. People know the term, have heard rumours, but just what are they, these cock rings? What are they for? Who are they for? Is it essentially an elastic band for your dick? Well, I am here to answer those questions, and don’t worry, I can’t see you blush over the internet.


Hello and welcome back to Between the Sheets, our weekly blog post where I share with you reader submitted stories of truly hilarious and sometimes embarrassing sexual encounters. If you have your own story that you’d like to share, send it on over to

Submitted by: Anonymous


 Hello and welcome back to Between the Sheets, our weekly blog post where I share with you reader submitted stories of truly hilarious and sometimes embarrassing sexual encounters. If you have your own story that you’d like to share, send it on over to


Submitted by: Dan the Hammer Man

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