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The Ocean is ON SALE!

For only $71.99 (before taxes) you could have this adorable, strong toy in your hands. It's rechargeable, includes a 2 year warranty with Fun Factory, and completely waterproof. Not to mention it comes in two colours: Rose and Royal Blue.

I personally own this toy and it's incredibly strong and soft to the touch.

Sex Tips

Happy Saturday! Well, for those who are able to sleep in and relax. I've been writing rather long articles, so I'll just keep it short and brief this weekend.

Sex Tip #1: Dirty Talk

I understand how people may feel "eeeeugh" about this, because well, it can be a bit awkward to say at first, but don't you love it when your partner talks dirty to you? I personally do, unless I'm not in the mood for it, so just test the waters before you go too deep too fast.

Happy and Healthy Relationships

As I am typing out this soon to be blog post, the How to Get... and Keep The Relationship You Want seminar is happening in our store! So, why not talk about some relationship advice for anyone who is either having problems or just wants to know if they're on the right track.

The first thing that I have to say is... COMMUNICATE!

Communication is literally key to keeping a great relationship, or fix one that isn't so hot right now.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, sexy beasts! (or whatever you're planning on being for the day)

If you're looking for some last minute costumes, we have a few options. Stockings, masks, lingere, maid outfits, school girl outfits, nurse outfits, wigs, and so on. We have a few in plus size as well! For those full figured ladies. Or, maybe by a strap on kit and walk around with a penis for a few hours, that'll suprise more than a few people. Wink wink.

I would just like to announce that we now have gimp masks in stock, but sadly, we do not have a full fledged American Horror Story rubber man in stock. Boo. 

Maybe one day!

Size Isn't Everything

This is for all of the people out there who think small dicks don't do much - or tiny vibes - because "bigger is better."

Not neccesarily.

I, myself, have never had sex with a gigantic penis. I have had sex with a 9.25" inch vibrator though (only 7" of it was insertable) and it was such a waste of money. It was the LELO Elise 2 (which we don't carry in the store). I only used it ONCE! That's it. It didn't feel comfortable and I felt way too full. I was about 18 at the time and sadly didn't know about lube. That's something a lot of people forget about.

Single and Sad? Don't Be!

Right now, I'm consoling a friend who's having a ton of boy problems. Despite being in a relationship, I totally understand. I didn't just decide, "oh, time to get a boyfriend!" and all of a sudden the "one" showed up at my doorstep.

It's hard, so, so hard to be single and not want to be, but it's honestly awesome being single. Sometimes I miss it. I've been in a relationship for 10 months now and I love it, but you don't have to put up with someones shit when you're single (unless it's your siblings or parents).

Art, meet Anus and Vulva

The collection we just received of glass toys is dazzling. If we kept them in the window, most people would think, "Aah, shiny" instead of "Ooh, dildo". We have a dozen little ones for bums, with coloured swirls inside as well as a few crank toys that have nubs that will run over the clit as you rotate the handle. - Crank toys work best inside a toned vaginal canal, by the way, and with a partner as the crank handle is facing away. A few of the dildos have flowers inside their 'heads' and all have different textures from pronounced swirls, nubs, ridges or basic smooth with curves to reach the prostate or G-Spot.

Super Stressed? Try Sex

I am back in university, which is now my second year at ECUAD - Emily Carr University of Art and Design - and it's already stressing me out. I am the kind of person who doesn't deal well with stress. For most of my life, I've been stress free. Living with my parents up to the age of 19 and all of a sudden I decide to go to school in Vancouver (the most expensive city in North America might I add) with a 20,000 student loan - that is now gone - and I am now experiencing debt and the stress to go along with it!

Burning Man: What I Learned About Sex (and Myself)

I'll admit it. I'm one of those people who went to Burning Man for the first time and it changed my life. For the uninitiated, Burning Man is a temporary community that exists for one week only in Black Rock Desert, Nevada.

Black Rock City - a utopian settlement in one of the world's most geographically hostile environments. The paradox is obvious.

Two of the fundamental principles of Burning Man are inclusion and radical self-expression, which permeate through all aspects of the community. Inthe words of one of Burning Man's founders:

"We make the world real through actions that open the heart."

Strap One On

I adore these strap-on harnesses from SpareParts. They have everything I would ever want in a harness: washable, comfortable and fully adjustable for a perfect fit. They both can accomodate either single or double dildos and have two vibrator pockets: one upper or lower depending on where your dildo sits in relation to your clit. They seem to have thought of everything. Click pics below to read more:


Since it's a rainy, gloomy, AND windy day out there, it's time for a new blog post!

Waterplay is something that seems rather steamy and sensual in movies, but let's be real, shower sex is almost impossible. Slipping down the shower wall, losing your footing and taking a tumble (ouch) and just getting at the right angle is hard enough. The only way it's possible without having an awkward moment is having your pelvic areas align perfectly, and how rare is that?

Here are some tips when it comes to waterplay, since most vibrators and toys these days are waterproof!

Use silicone lube if you're not using a silicone toy:

Supporting Canadian Made Products (In a Sexy Way!)

We have the good fortune to be located in one of the most ethically-aware, socially-conscious cities in North America. It's not uncommon for customers to ask where our products come from. We aim to support Canadian suppliers as much as possible.

Why support Canadian? Patriotism aside, we know that these products are made in conditions where employees are paid a fair wage. Additionally, environmental regulations in Canada are on the stricter end of the spectrum. Lastly, Canadian made means less travel miles, which means a smaller carbon footprint.

Did you know that we carry not just one but two lines of amazing leather products from Canadian suppliers?

Lubes, Lubes, and More Lubes!

The most common question I get is this:

"What's your favourite lube?"

Along with:

"What do you recommend?" "What's thick but not sticky?" "Why do we have to use water-based lubes with silcione toys?" "What's the easiest to clean?"

Sometimes people are kind of ashamed when it comes to asking these questions. I've actually seen women get put down by men OVER THE INTERNET about not being "wet" enough. It's natural to not be totally soaking wet every time you get turned on, espeically if you take birth control such as the pill.

Reviewing My Favourite Toys - Pt. 1

Working at a sex shop, you have the excuse to splurge on vibrators than people who don't. They wouldn't have an excuse to; they don't sell them! I think I struggle with when I'm about to buy a new toy - whether it be a butt plug, dildo, vibrator, nipple clamps (eek!), gags, floggers, etc. - I'm always worried I won't like it. Which is why I am making this post!

1) Lelo Mona Wave

Grandmas Review Modern Sex Toys, And Are Not Amused

When you work in an erotic shop, you get used to seeing sex toys day in, day out.

Leave it to these ladies from a different generation to give their frank and frankly, hilarious, take on modern sex toys in this short video.

We carry several of the toys featured in this video include the Minna Limon:

The Rechargable Magic Wand:

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