We-Vibe is one of those brands I get excited to talk about. Each toy they put out is a hit; the Touch and the Tango have some of the best rumbles out there, and the Nova is an innovation. But We-Vibe’s real crowning glory is their namesake toy, the original (and, in my opinion, hands down best) wearable couples’ toy. It’s a powerful vibe, and the motors have only increased in power and setting variety over the years.


So there are a number of things in the store that customers always pick up with a total look of bewilderment. They turn them over in their hands, and when they finally find a button or switch their eyes light up like “woah!” One of these items is the Womanizer, and I will admit, it’s novel, it’s slightly confusing to look at. But oh my god, it is awesome.


My boyfriend has been away for the past couple weeks, and is returning tomorrow. He’s been in the frigid Arctic, and when we talk on the phone I can hear the freezing cold air in his voice. I’ve been trying to think of something nice I can do for him when he gets back (like cooking his favourite stew), and coming into the store today, I thought of something else. Sexy massage with warmed, edible massage oil? What could be better!

Hitachi vs. Hitachi

The ever popular Hitachi Magic Wand is still the strongest vibe out there and we sell a few each day on average. A few discerning points on why people would buy the rechargeable over the original plug-in: The head is really smooth and made of hygienic silicone instead of hard, bumpy vinyl. Some of us can't take the power of the original beast's two speeds and enjoy having the option of lower settings which the rechargeable has. Lastly, the cordless freedom is of course a bonus if there aren't any outlets close by.

Review: Sliquid Silk


In case the title wasn’t a dead giveaway, this is a product review for Sliquid Organics Silk. And just so we’re clear I was not given a bottle in exchange for a review, nor was I told to write this. The truth is I loved this lube so much that I felt I needed to share my experience with you.


Today on ins and outs I'd like to take a moment to talk about a company who's products I absolutely adore. They go by the name'a Liberator, and their products are totally life-changing.

While their line of 'bedroom adventure gear' has grown to include everything from erotic prints to fashion chokers, the Liberator name is still synonymous with their original line: sex furniture.

New Year's Sex Rez

One of the ways we aim to please is by offering both the acccoutrements for whatever sex act you seek plus amazing material to study and explore new things.

It's great seeing so many books leave the store in the first few weeks of this new year: more exploration and openness that speaks 'volumes' to the curiosity and willingness to try new things.

Happy New Year, lovely customers! May all your adventures be fruitful, and even if they're not - Try it once. Try it again! THEN decide to abort or keep it is a motto I heard from one of the owners here that I quite like.


Ok honestly? I hate the media. I hate the insane monkey circus it's become, like a throwaway episode of the Kardashian reality show, and it seems like it's gotten exponentially worse in the past year or so. It's maddening. This isn't a liberal phenomenon, nor a conservative phenomenon. This kind of idiocy transcends socioeconomic status, origin, identity; this is a deeply human problem.

I'm talking about today's vitriolic reaction to allegations of America's "president elect" having a predilection for golden showers. Pee. Piss.

Give Him the Finger

I am so happy to report that we now have a live demonstration of prostate play to bring in the new year! It's definitely one of the overlooked and underplayed sexual techniques. I'm sure Robin, our amazing presenter will do a great job at presenting the delights therein. Come and join us on January 10th, 2017! 


We’ve added an awesome new seminar on Prostate lovin’ to our roster of classes, so I thought it’d be apropos to do a lil In and Out on: Prostate Massagers!


Another craptacular day out there. It’s almost like it’s winter in Vancouver. Weird hey? I’m trying to find some punny connection between telling myself to shut up about the weather and segueing into a post about gags but it ain’t coming. Gags. Gags fer yer mouth. This is what I’m talking about.


Holy crap it’s gross out today. Very glad to be cozy in the shop with my coffee and space heater and Sunday classical music on the CBC. But it’s not all cozy-coffee-sipping-cellos in here, there’s work to be done. For example, it falls to me to tell you aaaaaaall about


Yeah, no. None of those.


Having worked at various “adult boutiques” on and off for the past five years, you get to know all the lines. “Hey, condoms! You guys got a fitting room? Hyuk hyuk, hyuk.” “Where do the massages happen? It’s okay, I’m not a cop.” “My girl doesn’t need a vibrator, she’s got me.” “Glass?? But what happens if it breaks inside you??” This last one I’ve heard with increasing frequency of late, so I’d like to take a minute to talk about glass: why it’s awesome, why it’s worth the money, and why no, it won’t break inside you.


So I was watching Lars Von Trier’s explicit….hilarious….dark…..utterly outrageous…let’s just go with complicated film Nymphomaniac (part 2 if we’re being nitpicky), and I was inspired by a scene to write a quick note today about one of my favourite lil sex objects: The Cat O’ Nine Tails.


There’s a chill in the air today guys, and there’s a saying for that: nippy. It’s distinctly nippy out there (and in here thanks to me and my hate for bras), and now feels like the perfect time to talk about nips. In the world of genital-centric sex, nipples often get neglected or left out entirely. But these little guys can be incredibly erogenous when stimulated, with some people even being able to orgasm just from nipple play!

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