A fun game I found on reddit! Definitely something I'm gonna try!

"Recently I came up with a game which me and my partner love. I think this game is really versatile as you can change the rules however you want to make it more or less extreme, depending on your relationship. It is also suitable for gay couples. So I introduce to you a modified version of kings cup (or ring of fire):

Kings Cock


-No touching when the game does not allow it.

-You must both start with the same amount of clothes, which must be more than 2 but less than 12.

-If you have no more clothes to take off and the card requires you to, you must pick again.

-No skipping or cheating on a card.


Halloween and its costumes

Hallow's Eve is close and I can feel it in the air. Pumpkins, candy, scary spooky stuff and costumes! So basically, my type of holiday. However, I feel with the advent of this glorious holiday, I have to reiterate that Halloween is not an excuse to dress in racist/transphobic costumes.

Not only are you encouraging the blatant racism of cultures and making fun of how a person looks, it's tacky as hell. Even if it's done with the most innocent of intentions, your costume can still perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmas, which can invite in more aggressive racist attitudes. Note how most racist costumes are in the catergories of "Funny" or "Sexy". The question I want to ask is "What about these groups of people makes them exotic or humourous?"

Bacon and Dolls

I was waiting for it. I know some of you were too.

Bacon flavoured lube. While we won't be selling it in-store, I can certainly custom order some if you want your lover's lickable bits to have the aroma of crispy pig. It's kosher, so anyone can dig in. "HEAAR piggy piggy!"

While that appeals to the baconified masses, THIS item is one fine piece of problem solving for those of you who get your teeth caught when your mouth is wrapped around real meat.

Blow-up doll look-a-like, face exerciser, blow job helper...Take your pick, it's a winner on all fronts:


Public Sex!

I admit. I am a huge fan of public sex. The fact that you can get caught by anyone and the spontaneity of the act is such a thrill for me. I would say I'm pretty experienced in that field (I've only been caught by a security guard once and I've been having sex in public since I was 15 and I'm 24 now), so here are some tips from a fellow voyeur!

Penis Festival!

Japan actually has a local Shinto festival in Kawasaki, that celebrates the penis in it's full glory!

It's called Kanamara Matsuri ("Festival of the Steel Penis") and it's held annually every first Sunday of April. The festival used to be held for sex-workers who wished to protected from STDs and easy delivery, marriage, and harmony in a marriage.

There is also a legend of a sharp-toothed demon that hid inside the vagina of a young woman and castrated her two fiances on their wedding nights. As a result, the young woman sought help from a blacksmith, who fashioned an iron phallus to break the demon's teeth, which led to the enshrinement of the item and the name of the festival.

Now for Something Ugly

I don't know how truly common abusive relationships are as I don't think the more temperate kinds of abuse like 'mere' mental abuse are reported.

Below is a book written by Lundy Bancroft who's worked with thousands of men with oppressive belief systems and more pertinently, consults with their partners on the abusers' actual progress. A lot of these guys easily charm a therapist into thinking they're growing and evolving.

Cisgender, anyone?

I love how powerful words are. Here's a word of the day you may not have in your caring and sharing, people loving vocabulary yet: Cisgender. What the heck is THAT?

Copied from the website:

"You may have heard the word cisgender before, but you may not know what it means. Cisgender is a term used to describe people who, for the most part, identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. For example, if a doctor said “it’s a boy!” when you were born, and you identify as a man, then you could be described as cisgender. In other words, ‘cisgender’ is used to describe people who are not transgender.

Looking to get rid of old sex toys?

Are you like me where you have too many toys that you only used once or never at all and it's piling up in your closet/nightstand/etc or you have a broken toy and looking to get rid of it?

Well don't fret! Rabbit Amnesty will take care of that for you! Added bonus: When you recycle your toys, they give you points for more toys! Who can deny the sweet lure of more things?

Unfortunately, it is USA/Euro/AU based only so boo for us Canadians :(

Still! It's a lot better than throwing a vibrator out in the trash only to have the bag rip and a bunch of phallic shaped objects spill out on the sidewalk!

Kissing Class Tips

Last night we had three loving couples join us for our kissing class. Afterwards, the people remarked that the things they really enjoyed were:

That the make-out session was guided - all the pleasure was laid out for them to follow. "Now, moving on to the ears..."

The surprise element of not knowing what's coming next. Who doesn't like a sensual surprise?

Lastly, that it's a good hour and a half of just play! Wee!!

Take these ideas and run with them: Relinquished control, surprise!, and time to play.

Today I learned...

Today I learned there is a mental disorder that causes an individual to have an overpowering belief that his or her genitals are retracting or will disappear.

The things you find on the internet.


Hands Free Ass Ecstasy

The Educational / Sales Rep for Fun Factory toys came in recently to give us the latest information on their premium selection of toys. There's one toy that I'd like to especially mention and which seems to be what some of our customers are looking for in a bum toy.

The Duke butt plug / vibrator has extra extension which ergonomically nestles deeper in your butt so it stays in place for a truly hands-free experience. Most other toys are relying on the outer sphincter muscles to stay in place. So, while it looks weird, it's weird with a sexy purpose.


"Pink" Eye

Did you know that you can get pink eye from a woman squirting in your face? I didn't. Everyday, something new. A customer shared that with me. She contracted it from a threesome. Conjunctivitis is lurking in the prettiest of pink places.

The Interesting Sex Lives of Animals!

Like humans, animals are diverse. No species of animal is quite the same as the other and the same can be said for their sex lives! These cute comics by Humon definitely illustrates the different types of mating rituals animals must do to survive and reproduce. Check them out!

The best aphrodisiac is an idea whose time has come *wink*

We had some customers from Europe in the store recently looking to buy Spanish Fly. I had to look it up, so convinced was I that it was only a mythical product for purchase. I was aware that historically it was used to get bulls aroused for breeding purposes but thought use on humans was just an urban myth. Did they really use it on humans? Was it safe?

LGBT Superheroes!

As a lifelong fan of comics, I am all for representation of minorities in a postive light. People of colour and LGBT superheroes definitely need more of a presence (because come on, you get bored after reading years and years of the same copy and paste heroes who don't challenge the status quo!). Luckily, the comic industry have been slowly starting to introduce more different types of heroes to the mix! Here are my top 4 LGBT heroes!

4)Wiccan & Hulkling from Young Avengers (Marvel Comics) (Despcription from Newsrama)

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