Non-Monogamy Curiousity

Ever since the seminar with Mark, I've been curious about non-monogamy, but I'm constantly worried that it will make me feel like crap afterwards, and ruin my relationship of 5 months with my boyfriend who I never want to leave. He's mentioned the concept of threesomes before, but I have always been against it, maybe it's time to let go and possibly try it out.

I wandered onto the website called FetLife, and met an awesome dude on there who talked to me about his experiences with open relationships. He sent me this comic, which makes a lot more sense than trying to figure out what I want on my own, possibly it could help you curious readers as well.

Do you want a bigger penis?

I had a lot of male friends who talk about their penis size, but many of them wanted a larger penis despite being only 16 years old. 4 years later, I finally found out that there is apparently a way to actually help your penis grow.

All hail the Bathmate Hydromax, the world's best penis pump!

The Bathmate Hercules Penis Pump is the worlds first and best water based penis pump. Sold worldwide for over 7 years it has proven itself as a the best product in the market today.

Don't forget to do your kegals!

It seems the interest in Kegal Excercises just keeps rising. Here is a quick run down on the many reasons keeping your PC muscles strong is beneficial and the various tools we can use to keep those muscles working.

The PC muscles are under voluntary control and can be strengthened by exercise, the most common method being Kegel exercises. PC muscles are responsible for holding urine and contracting rhythmically during orgasm.

What They Really Want

Lifestyles condoms polled men and women across America about what they really want and put together this awesome infographic! 

View it large here:

'Tis the Season to Marry

The bachelorette parties are coming in thick this month! We have four planned this Saturday so we'll be running around downtown with bags of bananas and suction cup dick.

If you want a special night with the besties, call us and arrange a private party. The four this weekend are all Giving Good Head, hence the bananas, but we do all sorts of great topics and can mix and match to suit the audience. Wedding season is on and we look forward to the fun.

Love and Sex Day Ideas

A few exquisite and definitely 'tried and true' gift ideas for the lover in your life if you're wanting the best for him or her. Trust me, I know. I put these products in peoples' hands all day and they sell themselves.

For women, type in 'Lelo' in our Search Products field. The newest by that company are phenomenal as mentioned in a previous blog. They're called the Lelo Ina Wave and the Lelo Wave. Any of Lelo's products are beautifully designed inside and out much like the beloved and coveted Apple products.

For him, search 'Tenga'. This is a company that came after the Fleshlight designs and also have both a function and form that make their products excellent gift ideas.

Happy Valentine's all you lovers! 


The Scoop on Semen

Our "Giving Good Head" Seminiar at the shop this evening got me thinking about semen...

Check out this infographic for some fun facts:


Beyond the Flowers and Lingerie

It has always fascinated me how it's the subtle ways a person can turn another on in a big way. I have a current thing for certain nose bridges. There is something massively virile to me about a mid-sized nose bridge that does way more for me than a set of tight biceps or butt. Before that, it was hair long enough for me to grab and I didn't look at anyone who was bald or had a short cut.

Setting the mood

Sometimes we forget one of the easiest ways to spice things up in the bedroom is to select the perfect sexy soundtrack. A good track can have your hips swaying in no time and give you a little playful confidence your partner will adore. Not sure where to start? Give this youtube mix a try for a selection of some sexy soul music to get you in the mood.

Woman Meets World

     The man in this video got to experience what's an every day experience for alot of women. He said the stress of what he experienced is something he wouldn't wish on anyone and was amazed that women live like that. If you're a guy, it would be a great experience if you happen to be of a slight build to try this. If I could pass as a man, I'd travel around Turkey again alone.

Newest AMAZING Toys from Lelo

If you're shopping for a premium toy for yourself or a special woman, you must see the latest from Lelo. Ina Wave and Mona Wave. They elicited oohs and aahs from the women shopping last night after our seminar. Just when I think most everything adult has been invented, Lelo takes pleasure up a notch.

They both can just vibrate, vibrate AND caress or just caress. Super soft silicone, waterproof, and rechargeable. Amazing. Check them out HERE.


Just a reminder...

A week ago, I got a call from a panicked person about something pretty serious.

Turns out that the person put a vibrating bullet in their butt and it pretty much swallowed it up. I didn't really know what to do since I was over the phone so I gave some advice like GO TO THE HOSPITAL.

So this is just a friendly reminder from your neighbourhood sex toy employee to let you know that if you want to put something in your butt, MAKE SURE IT HAS A FLARED BASE.

Save yourself that embarassing trip to the hospital.

Make some noise!!

Dear guys,

Please please PLEASEEEE make some noise. Not only is it hot as hell to hear you enjoying the sex we're having, it gives me a good gauge on what I should and shouldn't do. I don't get turned on by porn anymore but listening to soundclips where the guy is moaning and growling gets me super excited!

And don't give me that whole "BUT WE WERE TAUGHT TO MASTURBATE SILENTLY" stuff as well because SURPRISE, girls have to as well!

So please. Do this for us. (To a certain point because you don't want the neighbours to call the police on you for noise violations)



Porn for Pussies

I got 'married' to a boy named Jamie when I was in grade 3 and we stayed 'married' until grade 5 when he left me for Wanda. Those two years were very sexy ones, in spite of us just holding hands once in awhile and kissing only after being wrestled to the ground during kissing tag. I think Wanda went further than kissing, so won his little penis and heart when I was away in Disneyland. Bitch.

It's so fun to remember those 'good old days'. At the How to Have a Great Orgasm seminar last night, all these early sexual and sensual memories came back. How my first sexy dream was always about being inside a machine that was inhabited by a vampire. A conveyor belt and a vampire.

Does size really matter?

Maybe I'm spoiled. Most of my partners have average sized dongs and I'm not complaining. However, after a conversation with a friend, she said she prefered really big dicks. That kinda frightens me a bit because the last time I had sex with a bigger than average guy, his penis kept hitting my cervix and left me feeling like I got gut punched although that might also be because I wasn't quite appropriately aroused.

I think the size of dick doesn't really matter as long as they're good lovers (ex. makes noises, are open to improving, and willing to experiment)

Here's a series of stories from ladies who have experienced micropenises!

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