Stranger things have been outlawed...strange sex laws


It's true that laws tend to falter behind the community standards but beyond being archaic, these are downright silly.

Makes me wonder what happened to get these laws created... I'm sure there's a story or two in there.....Check these out!

In Wisconsin, a man may not fire a gun while his partner is having an orgasm.

In Washington, it's illegal to have sex with a virgin, even on the wedding night.

In Ames, Iowa, it's illegal for husbands to take more than three gulps of beer while lying in bed with their wives.

Fuzzy faced kissers be warned: Mustaches are illegal in Indiana if the owner of said facial hair "has a tendency to habitually kiss other humans."

Crazy, right?

Here's the article:

Ideas for Play

A few new things to share about what can be done with products that I didn't know before:

A strap-on that a man can wear (any strap-on that doesn't crunch your balls) is a great warm up piece to use if you're / he's well endowed. A customer shared that it's a regular part of his sex life with his girlfriend who needs a lot of warm up to accomodate him. He bought a smaller-than-him dildo for the strap-on which he wears, they have facsimile sex with it until she's ready, and then it's time for him!

Another fun idea is if you have a set of latex or polyethylene sheets that you like to get good and messy with: get a tub of vaseline, change out your light bulb for a black light and enjoy some living, writhing art.


For the virgins out there...

Just a small reminder that while the concept of virginity is technically a social construct, your sexual debut is still allowed to be special to you and you are still allowed to wait and want to make it meaningful and your self perception is still allowed to change after you have sex. Just as long as you're doing these things for yourself and not because someone told you should.


You do you.

Books for cheap!

Come and get 'em while they last! 50% off a ton of fun reading here.

It's not often whole shelves of books go on sale- books that are current, fun and saucy, no less. If you want more of an edge in the bedroom or simply some erotic literature to stoke your fire, come in and browse our lower section of books. ALL of them are 50% off until they're gone! 




After doing a lot of introspection on myself, I've found out something really nice. Rejection is actually pretty good. Now I know a lot of people who fear being rejected and being embarrassed but think of it this way. Rejection is the best thing for you! Here are some of the reasons why.

1) Being rejected doesn't mean you're bad, negative or lacking in any way. What it means is that, for whatever reason, you were WRONG for them... and what that means is that THEY WERE WRONG for you. By rejecting you, they have done you a favour by not sucking you into a relationship where the both of you aren’t happy.

Consumer Alert!

If you're buying condoms, don't get the Trojan Fire & Ice ones.

"...uncovered a FDA report from 2012, in which the FDA was chastising Trojan for misinforming and misleading customers regarding the ingredients in this lube. Despite this stern warning from the government, Trojan doesn’t list ingredients on their Fire & Ice box to this day, citing other condom companies, like Billy Boy condoms, aren’t required to do so.

Erotic Freedoms are a good thing...

One can look back and see how far we have come in our erotic freedoms. I'll leave it up to you to count the ways.... *wink*

There's still room for expansion, no doubt about that. Flash forward (or rather backwards to February 2014) to Russia and you'd be sure you were travelling into the past... the very distant past. But no.. this is happening now... believe it or not.

Remember the media blitz about burning bras in the 60s's ? Well, Russian women are now protesting in the streets over the right to buy and wear lacey underwear.

Cock Shy

Not that I've been around the block, as I've only explored one side, but I have a little friendly advice for those of you guys who are proclaiming your sexual prowess or penis size is phenomenal when you're selling yourself to a potential partner.


If you need a reason here's all of them: Never once so far in my experience has it been true. What you claim is measured against all who rose before you, and amazing as you may be...yeaah.

The CDC Is Warning That We’re Running Out Of Drugs To Treat Gonorrhea

"Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are sounding the alarm about antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea, which threatens to pose a “major public health challenge” in the coming years. Over the last three decades, this common sexually transmitted infection has increasingly failed to respond to the drugs used to treat it — which means the thousands of Americans infected with gonorrhea every year are running out of options.

Gonorrhea is one of the most common STDs in the United States, with about 820,000 cases diagnosed each year. But this disease is “remarkably adept” at adapting to antibiotics, according to federal health officials. During the 1990s and early 2000s, gonorrhea developed resistance to several common drugs that used to be able to treat it.

Kissing Strangers

Kissing Strangers

This video demonstrates 20 couples who are paired off for the filming of their first kiss- on camera.

It's a great study in vulnerability, and presence. Watch how people prepare for the kiss, engage in the kiss and act after the kiss.

It's truly amazing to see how people react to sharing such an intense and intimate moment with a total stranger.

There are awkward moments, lovely moments, passionate moments. All in a kiss!

And if this doesn't whet your appetite for a kissing class, well what will ?

Check the calendar or call the store to find out when the next "Art of Kissing" class will be held.

And no, you won't be asked to kiss strangers. It's a class for couples. *wink*


Side Jobs

There is such a delightful range of people in here every day and here's a job I didn't know existed until this week: playing to people's poo fantasies...with peanut butter off camera. A woman who makes a great living doing this says she rubs it up and down her bum, over her breasts and oohs and aahs for the camera. She said her skin has never felt so soft and luxurious. Smooth or crunchy? Crunchy. My favorite.

New Contraceptive Lasts For Three Months And Protects Against HIV And Pregnancy

This new form of birth control is basically a ring you insert into your vagina. It releases out Tenofovir, an antiretroviral that kills HIV and Herpes, and Levonorgestrel, a contraceptive commonly found in certain birth control pills.

Impressive as it is, it still needs to be tested in humans but it's been proven to work with rabbits and you will still need to wear condoms to prevent STI's like chlymidia and gonnorhea.

Read more about it here!

UBC Engineering Graduate Creates Thinnest Condom Ever (Guiness Book of Records thinnest!)

A UBC Engineering graduate designs the thinnest condom ever!

The Aoni condom — measuring only 0.036 millimetres thick — was crowned by Guinness World Records last week as the world’s thinnest latex rubber, trumping previous record-holder Okamoto of Japan’s 0.038 mm.

It's currently only available in Asia but has been approved by Health Canada so it could be coming soon (pun intended, of course!) 

Read More About it Here:


Miracle Berry Tablet results!

So remember how I made a post a while ago detailing how things would taste if I tried the Miracle Berry Tablets?

Well, I finally had the chance to try it out!

According to my partner, it was a bit weird. The taste was very sweet and he enjoyed that but the smell was still the same which was a bit conflicting. It just kinda confused him.

As for me, his cum did taste a lot sweeter!

So there are my results! This was certainly an educational experiment so I would definitely say try it for yourself if you're curious!

If you wanna buy some for yourself, here's a link!

420 and HIV

Marijuana has long been used to effectively treat symptoms associated with HIV, such as chronic pain and weight loss. But a growing body of research suggests the plant may be able to stop the spread of the disease itself.

Read more about the study here:

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