101 Nights of Great Sex

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101 Nights Of Great Sex


The brand-new 2020 edition of New York Times bestseller 101 Nights of Great Sex is the only book on hot sex you’ll ever need, and now it’s better, and hotter, than ever. Updated with 30 fresh never-seen-before Seductions, this ultimate playbook will transform your sex life and elevate your relationship to levels you never thought possible. As you rip open each one of the Secret-Sealed Seductions, designed to shake up your bedroom routine (without shaking in your shoes!), the anticipation mounts.

That’s right: Every single adventure is sealed tight in an envelope, catapulting daily life into a series of sexy surprises. 50 seductions for her eyes only, 50 for his eyes only, and one special seduction you that can be completed together, accompanied with its own Teaser, guaranteed to set pulses racing and hearts pounding. Think of each mystery Teaser as a sizzling movie trailer and every Seduction as the main attraction. The build-up sends their anticipation through the roof, as they tease your partner to a night of great sex.


This is more than a book: It’s an interactive ticket to enticement and ecstasy. Why? Because 101 Nights is not a book you read. It’s a book you do, while you DO your partner. Yes, please! So, kiss the instructional "how to's" goodbye, and join the millions of readers that have revitalized their sex life with this one-of-a-kind book for couples. How does it work? In each book, you'll receive 101 suggestively titled SEDUCTIONS, sealed in their own SECRET ENVELOPE, complete with step-by-step instructions, tips, and "e-teasers."


Each week, partners will take turns choosing a sealed page, tearing it from the book, and starting the seduction! No peeking at each other's pages! If they're the one being seduced, they'll simply await the erotic surprises! If they're seducing, they'll follow the "secret" instructions and watch their partner squirm with delight. Links to swelteringly sexy "eTeases" are included to help heighten their partner's sense of anticipation. These clever and tempting emails will set up a night of great sex by giving clues that are guaranteed to get their lover's pulse racing.

What's NEW in the 2020 edition?

Flirty, modern design.

Revised and updated entirely.

30+ BRAND NEW seductions to choose from!

101 Teasers - crafty little emails to fire up your partner's imagination

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