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So part of why I love working here at The Art of Loving Sex Shop here in Vancouver is that I get to sit in on many of our in-house seminars, essentially getting a super holistic sexual theory education from the comfort of this here back room. One of my favorite presenters has launched a new seminar on a subject very dear to my heart: threesomes (and, as per title, 4somes and moresomes.)

I feel like the idea of threesomes gets a bad rap as a predominantly male fantasy involving sex with their partner and their partner's hot friend. A sort of bro-comedy gag about the old ball and chain. But the data increasingly shows that not to be the case at all! In fact threesomes and group sex are one of the most common fantasies for people of all genders, and it's becoming increasingly de-tabooed to admit. (I, for one, have always been a very public fan, just sayin'.)

Robyn's new seminar, Threesomes and Group Sex, taking place at our West Broadway shop on April 24th, will deal with the practicalities of making that fantasy a reality. Issues like consent, shared goals, and in my opinion most importantly POSITIONING (this can be trickier than you think! Gotta be crafty lest you wind up getting whapped in the face by a ballbag over and over. Unless of course this is precisely what you're after, in which case, balls away.) She will also be discussing ways of easing into group sex exploration, like visiting a venue where you can have sex in public, a big step for lots of people!

Hopefully I'll get to lurk in the back for this one, come join me! (Just kidding, you can have an actual seat.)  at Vancouver's favourite sex-positive seminar destination, The Art of Loving.