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5 Reasons To Try Out Role-Play, Like Right Now

There’s a line in The Notebook where Noah says something like, “I can be anything you want. You just tell me what you want, and I’ll be that for you.” First off, *swoon*. Secondly, we like to imagine he’s talking about some role-play and sex fantasy action in the bedroom.

Hot firefighter? Hunky policeman? Sexy sailor? Yes Noah. Aside from being just plain fun, role-play and sex games can also be a great way to bond with your partner. Here are 5 ways role-play can improve your relationship.



1. It keeps things fresh

When you’ve been with your partner for a long time, sex can become predictable. Enter role-play. Playing out these sexual fantasies can be an effective, easy way to keep the spark alive and help you bond as a couple. 

It’s something new and exciting to look forward to, and stepping into another character, if only for a (hot and steamy) moment can make you feel empowered. Plus, let’s be honest, it can fulfill an itch to hook up with someone new – no cheating required. 

Keep in mind – your role-playing games don’t need to be elaborate, complete with costumes and a full script. One good role-playing idea is simply pretending to be strangers (Reese and Vince at the beginning of Four Christmases, anyone?)




2. It builds intimacy and trust 

Let’s face it, talking about sex, especially more adventurous sexual fantasies like role-play, can be intimidating for some people. Being transparent about your desires can leave you feeling vulnerable, and you may worry that your partner will judge you or not be on the same page. 

But getting out of your comfort zone and being honest about what you like with your partner can open up a whole new level of intimacy and trust, and you’ll likely experience a stronger connection because of it.




3. It's an opportunity to have fun together

Once the door is open to express your fantasies and desires, this is where the fun begins. Drop your partner a text about good sexual role-playing ideas you’ve had or character ideas for your role play during the day to set the mood for later. You’ll find yourself having some new and very stimulating conversations that you’ve probably never had before.

Indulging in role-playing is like trying a new, adult sexy game with your partner – one that never has to end. When you put it like that, it sounds pretty awesome, right? So have fun with it!




4. It can be wildly satisfying (duh)

This one may be obvious, but once you get into the swing of things and really let loose, role-playing and fulfilling sexual fantasies can be pretty darn arousing. For couples who are into it, sexual role-playing games can be a major turn-on.

Role-play can be a fantastic way to expand your sexual repertoire as a couple. So when you find your groove, prepare for some mind-blowing moments.




5. You can do it from a distance 

Another great thing about role play is that those in long-distance relationships or with partners who travel can still participate. Or, you can try it even if you don’t live far apart for an added element of newness. You can pull this off using FaceTime, Skype, or how about role-play over text? Trying out role-play over text first (rather than face-to-face) can take some of the pressure off and help you ease into it. 

Some good, super sexy long-distance role-playing ideas to try include:

  1. Two people who just met online

  2. An interviewee and interviewer (channel your inner naughty boss!)

  3. Doctor and patient (after all, online consultations are all the rage these days)

  4. Webcam girl or guy and their client

The bottom line is, every relationship could benefit from a bit of role-playing (if you’re up for it, of course). Maybe your role-playing of choice involves you embodying the classic mischievous librarian (direct us to the erotic romance section, please!), playing a food delivery person, or just pretending to be someone else for a little bit. Our advice? Be anything you want, and have fun with it. 




Originally written and posted by Durex