9 Tips for Giving Oral Pleasure to People with Vagina's!

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9 Tips for Giving Oral Pleasure to People with Vagina's!

When it comes to how to go down on a woman, we can always use a refresher!

Make Sure You Want To Go Down On Them

This is real y’all. It is not fun for anyone if you are not really into what you are doing. If you have ever slept with an unenthusiastic partner you know what I am talking about! Giving or receiving head (and just sex in general) is supposed to be fun. We forget that. So when considering if you want to go down on a woman, if you’re not in to it, don’t pretend to be. There are too many ways to have fun in bed, to focus on something that is not enjoyable.

Don’t Start At The Bottom

Foreplay is a must. Kisses and touches all over her body is great way to start. Going down on a woman does not need to be a rush job. The attention to her other erogenous zones will certainly get a desired response from her body.

Don’t Dive Right in

There is more to the vulva than just the clit. Kiss around her clitoris. Give attention to her labia, the top of her vulva, and around her vagina. This level of teasing with build intensity that will make the entire experience more fun for the both of you.

Play with the power dynamic. A little teasing can certainly take you a long way.

Be Gentle

This is where we have to remember that this is still a very sensitive part of a woman’s body. A rough tongue can feel like sand paper. And no wants sand paper on their vagina. OK! You can start with the tip of your tongue as the guide to learn her vagina.

Do Not Slurp

I wish we lived in a world where I didn’t have to write this, but we don’t. Just don’t do it. Thanks.

Listen Up For Responses

Everyone wants to get an A on their report card. When it comes to going down on a woman, her moans (or lack there of) will let you know your grade. Now granted, sometimes we lie and some of us prefer silent sex. That’s ok. Everyone has a tell.

Take your time, and take the steps laid out and her “tell” will show itself.

Lift Up The Clitoral Hood


Vagina are not all built the same. For some the clitoris is looks like a bead toward the top-middle the vulva. For others, the clitoris is hidden underneath the clitoral hood. And for some, the clitoris hangs more loosely.

That is ok. While you are down there use your eyes, tongue, and fingers to learn her vulva. If her clitoris is under the clitoral hood, gently move it up for full access to her clitoris

Eat With Your Hands

This isn’t dinner time with the parents. No need for manners here! If you want to know how to go down on a woman, remember you can use more than your mouth. While going down on her, let your hands get in on the fun too. Sometimes that can mean fingering, but it should definitely mean stimulating her nipples and crevices. If you forget, remember clit rhymes with tit!

Her Coming Doesn’t Mean You Leave!

Once you have gotten her to the point that she is ready to orgasm, don’t leave! Unless she tells you to or pushes you away, you can continue to go down on her while she orgasms. See her over the mountain top, if you know what I mean. 


  • Oral Sex gets better over time. Don’t rush it

  • No two people enjoy the same kind of oral sex. That’s why it is important to be flexible and willing to learn what you and your partner enjoy. Communication is everything!

  • When in doubt, let her guide you. Tease her and she will make sure you get her where she want's you to go!