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The Vixskin Colossus is one of those toys that sometimes baffles those who pass it. Its actually a great alternative for many activities.

Firstly, it's a %100 silicone alternative to many extenders made of less safe materials on the market. An extender can be added to a dildo to add girth, or more traditionally added on top of a human penis to add length and girth. This can help with erectile dysfunction, or if you just want to keep going after orgasm. The Colossus is designed to fit over the penis and strap under the balls. There is a smaller model as well, its sized based on your penis size so look to see which one has enough space inside for you to fit snugly. 

This instruction guide is the best way, with or without an erection, to secure the Colossus. The basic philosophy is to create a vacuum and pull the penis into the Colossus rather than to push. This is best accomplished by rolling the sleeve inside out about one third the way down the shaft. You will see a gripping ridge designed to help stability. Use approximately a quarter's diameter size amount of water-based lubricant divided between the inside of the Colossus and your penis. Too much lubricant will eliminate the friction that helps your penis and the Colossus move as one. We recommend you practice putting it on at least once, before trying with a partner. This will allow you to fine tune the procedure.

With one hand squeeze the Colossus, eliminating the air inside. With your other hand, push the head of the penis into the opening and slowly release the pressure on the Colossus from the bottom up. This is accomplished by releasing the pinkie, then ring finger, middle finger then pointer. The action will pull your penis into place. Unroll the sleeve to the base of your body.

Take the ring, and pull your scrotum through the ring as far as possible so that the testicles touch the Colossus but are not through. Then pull the ring with your left hand to the left and push through that testicle. Repeat on the other side.

If your penis is not firmly held when using, reduce the amount of lubricant on the inside. Once you start to use the Colossus with a partner, use plenty of lube on the outside. This will make it more comfortable for your partner and also reduce the chance of internal slippage of your penis.

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